Glove Bug in Pro Shop Itmes

i Buy Glove from Pro Shop but this Item Don’t have any effect and don’t make translocate  please chek and fix it. @Madlen

As they very often put wrong numbers on descriptions,

so it might not be really a 24% chance for the effect to happen,

did you test the glove enough to see if it’s really not working or if it’s just rare for the effect to happen because the percentage is just lower than that?

idem for me with weapon : 24% of fear does nothing. I espected that it was different thet for ring. How can an pro items get the half % than uber for 29k ?


Flare: sorry it is a display bug, it should be 2.4%.

What did you expect?

Hi guys,

First of all, thanks for reporting this. We tried to reproduce the issue, however, the different perks, such as Translocate, Fear, are working as they supposed to work for us. Can you guys elaborate the issue a bit more to us, so we can assist you further? We appreciate your help :grinning:



What more info is needed?

I think it would help if there was some content from FG on the new perks on what exactly it does so that we are aware of what it’s expected to do? without any information we are just assuming that this is how it’s supposed to work while the developers at FG think differently that it’s working…

Hi, you can find a little bit of information here. I just posted it :slight_smile:

While having some descriptions may certainly clear things up a bit, I don’t think that’s what people want here Madlen.

Some gameplay videos, showing the items effects into action, would make things more clear to everyone.

Thus, let me ask again, like I did in another thread.

Madlen, could you please request Flothaboss (FTB), one of the members of the DEVs team, to create a gameplay video showcasing these items?

PLEEEAAAAASEEE? It would be really awesome!

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I bought the Infection-Gloves with the Crystals from the Conquest and they are working very good.

so they are worth the crystal ?

Yes they are.