Go go go - Very easy. 9x can get 100%. Lalala


Lalala. who cares about your 9x :stuck_out_tongue:


(how much you lose before u share this) :grinning:

When do you post the “very easy” raids where you fail at 3%? :grinning:

Zzzzzzzzzzz, who cares, funny how they are always SK bases, must be scared of VL ones! 

Great Raid!!

Next time feature someone from Vanguard Legion. or Jimmi 03 base… :slight_smile:

SK have 5 or 6 alliance?

Lest we forget:




and  http://i.imgur.com/NeV53UI.png




… and?

what are you mean: Lest we forget:



Very skill, not many people can 100% SK top base scroll free.

who is base? http://i.imgur.com/xx34ybR.jpg

thank you. :slight_smile:

hehe, actually immortal lengens is no 01!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 

Great job showing it can be done!



I’m not sure what that even means.  But:


  1. Let’s be clear.  That isn’t “Doinnovation” - that’s Tungsix.  We took trophies from HsMk’s old account that you now use: “Tungsix”, level 113 - an account probably leveled almost entirely with ploughed gems.  That account has a long, long, long history of stripping trophies from players and dumping them (that is how HsMk originally used it, after all).


You don’t use that account to strip trophies right now: you use your *other* account (Doinnovation), which (last I checked) very down in the mid-4000s - which everyone knows is optimal stripping positioning if you a players want to inflict max damage on the Top 100.   SK players (and probably others) can post screenshots of you doing the same over the last couple days from one or both of these accounts.  Those trophies are taken in defensive retaliation.  


  1. I can’t speak for Ed’s scroll use, but I can speak for mine.  I’m not a perfect raider.  I have a level 100 king, raiding an entirely maxed, level 113 king’s base.  I have, can and will run it scroll-free again.  As we both know, you aren’t a perfect raider, either; but you don’t really publicize or post shots of your failures (who does?) - only the best raids are submitted to the public.  


I posted recently on “mini-games” in Royal Revolt 2.  You play them all, and fairly well.  


For example:  you told me in private conversation on Facebook (screenshot available) that you could not level Immortal Legends because only one of your “countrymen” aside from you (Thangnguyen?) would contribute any real money to buy levels. You explained their unwillingness to contribute was why your Alliance fell behind; and it did fall far behind and begin to disintegrate.  You remember?  This is the same conversation where you told me “everyone” ploughed/auto-ploughed gems, even offering specific names of other Vietnamese players.  But then, miraculously, Immortal Legends went up 13-14 levels over a roughly 36 hours period.  That’s well in excess of 200,000 gems spent.  These players who wouldn’t spend any money (screenshot available) and are responsible for leaving IL far behind SK, Burninator, Vanguard Legion, NATO etc. were suddenly able to produce *at least* $500 USD (if you somehow got the gems 50% off in that tiny window) to level Immortal Legends.  


I guess I can open a new thread about that in Speaker’s Corner.  Notice there aren’t any accusations: just observing trends (much like Ronny’s “SK: Masters of FairPlay?” thread from a little while ago).


But, another mini-game you are fond of playing is stripping trophies.  As the old screenshot out a Getsatisfaction plainly displays you like to do this to “irritate the high level” (in your words, not mine).  So, if we take *back* trophies from you/Tungsix/and your tight-fisted, spontaneously maxed-out Alliance, I invite you to look at your own aggression and conduct if you’re scratching your head wondering why.