God Save The Queen (RR2 version 5.0) (or RR3)

Royal Revolt 2 does have a queen character, it took me days to figure it out because the King & Queen model currently used in RR2 are rather Androgynous.

Give King Nephew a pony tail, a big old swish of bangs, and change the eyebrow, and add eyelashes, and just tweak the audio “ya!” vocal to be more soprano;

however the difference is so subtle, as to almost be non existent. Each castle has a Queen Adviser, and in the adds both King & Queen stand side by side, however

I wonder how many women play Royal Revolt 2? And are they happy with their female avatar? What I suggest Flaregames/Keen Flare do for version 5.0

(or for RR3) is make two very distinct avatars for both men and women players. A male player would have the existing King, with his Queen Adviser;

but a female players would have a Queen, with a King Adviser (aka King Nephew who is RR2’s solo monarch)(the Queen would be the existing female toon)

Implementing such a change would be a major undertaking; and might not be possible in RR2 hence I said RR3.

I would ask all female players of RR2 to post a reply to Flaregames/Keen Flare and let them know if you are happy with your current Queen Avatar,

or if you would like to play a more noticeably feminine Matriarch.


Please no rr 3 but this is a great idea overall ive been thinking of it my self

I agree that the female version of the hero needs a bit of improvement, but I don’t think a Queen is necessary

to attract more the girl who play this game. If the model of the the female can be more detailed with more custom color,hair,eyes and all. Probably the number of girls who play RR2 will up. You know girl like to make up their avatar. If they can I am sure 99% of girl will do it.

So if you bring the Queen in the game. 99% of girl will play her and make up her in face and all and add bright and all

Someone said they wanted to pay 10,000 gems pleased to upgrade the size of the female Avatar 's chest.

Flare really please sell what they want so high. :wink: hahaha   Please take all 10000 gems from them as they grow by 1 size.(They will want it!)

Custom will be happy if anything you like is available. This is fun just by looking at other users.

I want a variation on Avatar’s hair style

Children, adults, men, women, people in any country like avatar custom.
Hopefully there is plenty of color of pal.

There is no way for boycottts to happen.



I prefer to help the king in his battles.

in all fairness, with equal opportunity,

should FlareGames actually implement changes to the female Avatar

add a few minor changes to King Nephew IE. mustache, beard some little things like that.

(also I call him King Nephew because in Royal Revolt he had to defeat his Aunt and 2 Uncles)

I am not sure if he has a name; I am not sure if the castle advisory has a name either.

Maybe instead of calling him King Nephew, I will start calling him King Florian.

lol, see he could have sideburns, a soul patch, a Fu Manchu, Mutton Chops, eye patch monocle…

Hair to the Throne.jpg


just please, Lord… no manbuns! ?