Godlike item chest

Today i purchase godlike item chest, but there was just 3 items, please fix this!

It might be a new feature, just the text is wrong saying you get 5 items, like the text with getting gems for enemy hero resurrect  :grinning:

Just buy some more till you get the number of items equals to text.


Correct me if I am wrong, but it was a daily chest, not a chest you purchased, right?

yes, you right alysea, but earler i dont found difference between daily and chest what i bought. My bad if i am wrong…

When you tap on an item chest in the daily calendar, the description states you will get 3 items.

There is a difference between the chests you purchase, and the ones you receive in the calendar. :slight_smile:

Wot? I havent seen any godlike item chests for daily log in. Are the daily chests different to different players?

My bad, just checked godlike item chests do show up on my calendar ?