Gods of Destiny alliance need an alliance to merge =)

Hi all,


I’m leader of Gods of Destiny alliance we are 25/40 members , we lost lot of members because as soon as in the last war, we were going to lose the war, lot of us left the alliance and also in the next days without the war elite boosts…

we have suffered a lot and we are still suffering about this problem of players that jump from alliance to alliance only to take the best elite boost currently.


I want to ask if there is an interested alliance that wanna join us with 15 active and loyal members of yours, in a way to fill all the slots.

Also since we can be in top 100 alliances as soon as we have more members (because we were in top 100 before all this big loss) we need at least people over 2500 trophies with minimum 50k-75k donations !

The beneficts of a merge of course are a full partecipation all together during wars without holes and of course a great oppurtinity to avoid missing daily donations having all members active having exciting elite boosts activated  :grinning:

We have currently only Elite Knight and Elite Barricade always on because of as you could understand we can’t activated more with very few members with very few gold donations.

If you are interested and you are the leader or general of this interested alliance and you are looking you too for a merge send me a private message here in the forum or write below this topic  :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your concern !



I am want to come in your alliance oPelle. My name is Prince.India you will see my stats and then can you take me in your alliance.If you wanna take me in your alliance please invite me in your alliance I will also increase my donation soon. Please take me in your alliance

Hi Prince.India sorry but you are too low with trophies 1950 is very low for our current position, you can lose lot of skulls due to your weak base…i can give you a place on Angelic alliance if you want… i know it’s not the same but as soon as you reach 2500 and over trophies  you can join us. 

I have loyal members but dont enforce trophy count. Just as long as people are active. We have nine members out of twenty slots

I sent you a private message.

Unfortunately the merge with Fighting Irish didn’t go in the right way, so the offer is still open  :grinning:

OPelle, you could contact leader of Starks of Winterfell. He might be interested.

Thanks Dena4 for the help ! I will contact him asap.

You are welcome.

i have 9 active members butall around lvl 45 to 50…im the highest lvl in the guild,im almost 66

Sorry i have already did the merge with the alliance Starks of Winterfell. I will leave open this thread maybe in 1 year i will lose again members XD I hope no XD