Gods of Destiny

Hello everyone, players of Royal Revolt 2,


I’m oPelle, the leader of the most renowned alliance Gods of Destiny. This alliance was born with the intention to grow low-mid players to an high status in a top 100 leaderboard. I’m currently searching with attention the right people that could join the alliance, and i promise to grow all the alliance with all my passion and precision that i have continued to give so far.

I’m here to spread my voice to you: if you are searching a loyal and faithful alliance over time, you are in the right place.

As leader I’m an active player and i search active players and like all the major justified alliances, also here there are some requirements and some rules that you must follow before join the alliance; these conditions are set to stay in community and collectivity each other without selfishly behaviors due to big differences (which might be abyssal) between a low level character and an high-level character.


MOTTO: Everything is possible if you put go(o)d will !



||| The alliance is level 72! |||




Requirements (the requirements will grow up as the alliance have a solid position with solid players into, so the values might change):

  • Donate a minimum of 1M Gold per day;
  • Only players around  4.000   trophies ;
  • 4K SKULLS during WAR
  • (Useful but optional) Donations with real money are always welcome.


  • Gold Bonus: 50-52-54%
  • Elite Boosts: Blazing Knights, Tough Barricade, Storm Cannon, Lightning Tower, Witch Doctor, Range Bomber, Frost Trap, Stunning Ogre, Raging Wolf, Mad Monk


  • Only active player that like this game;
  • Participate in WAR and do all the battles the war season asks -> fight for the team and not to make a favor to me to show off you did the battles!;
  • Be fair and respect each other;
  • Before going to take a journey, just leave a message on the alliance wall so the leader (me) and the generals don’t kick you from the alliance for inactivity status.


About Alliance Name:

As the name is “_Gods of Destiny” _may be reduced to G.O.D. that is the typical deity creator of universe, but in this case this sentence has a more logic notion: the concept of infinite knowledge , unlimited power and the perfect kindness that there are in each of us. 



  • Create an Alliance v
  • Reach level 15 v
  • Reach level 25 v
  • Reach level 35 v
  • Reach level 45 v
  • Reach level 55 v
  • Reach level 65 v
  • Reach level 70 v
  • Keep all useful Elite Boosts 24/7 activated v
  • Get enough gold donations to active the Special Boosts of Alliance Wars 24/24 v
  • Have an alliance full of active and loyal players v



If you want to join just leave a comment or send me a private message oPelle:grinning:


Regards, the leader of Gods of Destiny Alliance,



Elite & War Boosts Activation:
We shoul try to stay with gold donations over 3-4M (removing costs of Boosts) per day to keep up with their costs.
Elite Boosts will be activated once alliance members ask them and want them. There are some typical precautions before activate these elite boosts:

  • The amount of daily gold donations of all alliance members must be over the costs of an elite boost that is around 500K gold (average), otherwise if we activate Elite Boosts having low donations per day we go in bankruptcy.
    • Blazing Knight - CURRENT ON  Permanent
    • Poison Arrow Tower - CURRENT OFF
    • Power Archer - CURRENT OFF
    • Tough Barricade - CURRENT ON  Permanent
    • Holy Paladin - CURRENT OFF
    • Frost Trap - CURRENT ON  Permanent
    • Stunning Ogre - CURRENT ON  Permanent
    • Range Bomber - CURRENT ON  Permanent
    • Storm Cannon - CURRENT ON  Permanent
    • Raging Wolf - CURRENT ON  Permanent
    • Mad Monk - CURRENT ON  Permanent
    • Tempest Tower - CURRENT ON  Permanent
    • Witch Doctor - CURRENT ON Permanent
    • Medusa’s Gaze - CURRENT OFF
    • Demolisher - CURRENT OFF
    • Surprise Mummy - CURRENT OFF
    • Frenzy Frost Blaster - CURRENT OFF
    • Doom Gate - CURRENT OFF
    • Dragofroster - CURRENT OFF
    • Dracomancer - CURRENT OFF
    • Gargoyle Nest - CURRENT OFF

Regards, the leader of Gods of Destiny alliance,


Bump! We’re looking for 4 players !

Hi everyone,i’m a general of Gods of Destiny alliance,The Great Magician. Currently, we are searching for new members since we have 8 slots open. We have just upgraded to level 55 and the aim is to improve more and more as team. We have a good potential and we love to make this alliance your perfect home. We just need real and loyal players who love this wonderful game. Well,i’m going to show you some requirements which allow you to join our alliance. 

Alliance Level: 55 (We are ranked at top 100)


Minimum Requirements:

  • Donate a minimum of 250K per day   (But 500K would be better)
  • Only players over 4000 Trophies

Elite Boosts

Permanent boosts 24/7:

  • Blazing Knight
  • Tough Barricade
  • Stunning Ogre
  • Frost Trap
  • Range Bomber
  • Storm Cannon
  • Raging Wolf
  • Daily donation
  • Only active player 
  • Partecipate in WAR and do all the battles the war season asks 
  • Be fair and respect each other

Currently: 8 slots open 

If you want to join Gods of Destiny,don’t hesitate to apply. But remember, make sure you have these kind of requirements.  :grinning:

You did it. Finally. Very nice :wink:  I’m just curious: What are the main benefits for reaching level 55?

I guess that is obvious, max boosted ogre and wolf. And not to forget max members

Wolf Level 5 and 60 members finally  :slight_smile:  Since we have an excellent potential from now we can face stronger alliance. We just need loyal and active members. That’s the main thing.

There is one main benefict we were looking for: for example have finally 60 member slots so you can start to do things in a serious way during war seasons. And to not talk about you have finally the (old) max elite boosts so your raid become easier and you can push up to attack high players.

Thanks to G&M we reached this important goal. I must thank you Jack and all the members who contributed to reach this achievement.  :wink:

No need to thank us, like I said, we felt honored to help you accomplish this goal somewhat faster. That you finally reached that goal is our reward.

If someone deserves it, it’s oPelle and his great team Gods of Destiny, he has done more than anyone else for the game.

Now play the game according to the rules we have in Genie and Master.

Have fun and enjoy the game :slight_smile: .

Bros you finally did it, congrats!

Complimenti a tutti :wink:  

Bump!! 5 Slots open!!

Bump!! 2 Slots open!!

Can I say this alliance is one of the finest in the world: It is full of really good members led by a really good leader.

I am currently not in the alliance but this was one of the first alliances I joined and it has made me progress throughout my RR2 career.

If you are looking for an alliance that will never let you down, don’t hesitate to join.


IGN: YYthebest



Bump!! 1 Slot open!!

So new members enter with minimum 4000 trophies, and then drop :wink: not even half your members is above 4k.


Sorry just joking you, i had my medium player visit for a short donation coming from genie and master :wink:


Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Bump!! 2 Slots open!!

Bump!! 2 Slots open!!

Bump!! 1 Slot open!!