Going down with a bang?

I may be mistaken but this is what it looked like to me:

I killed a Phoebe beast and as it was stumbling and collapsing there was an apocalypse cast that killed half of what was left of my army. Never noticed this before and it seemed like just getting beast hp down to zero didn’t stop ability timers, only hitting the ground would. Like when the game keeps going for like two seconds after you die until the game over prompt appears.

Not sure if it’s a random glitch in the matrix or is it a bug (or supposed to do that) so I thought I’d ask if anyone else has noticed this.

Maybe you killed him at the same time that he was casting his special ability. Are you sure it was Apoc and not a Armageddon?

I meant whatever spell Phoebe uses, the one that blows everything up. Just forgot what it’s called (never look in the scrolls section so I can be unsure of names). ?

this happened to me a few times too!

you get relieved for killing the beast before it casts spell one more time and destroy your whole army… and then SURPRISE… phoebe casts one more spell even after being defeated

Yep, this sure is a frustrating bug… 

Sometimes when you kill the beast while it is going to cast the spell, it simply cast it twice… It is hard to survive.

and it is not only a Pheobe problem… It happened to me in pro league also with nemesis beast.

probably it happens with every beast but we never noticed as their ability are not so devastating.

Curious you brought this up as I had this happen twice in Pro League yesterday.  Both Nemesis and Phoebe staggered and going down when they cast one last spell which killed me because they are so hard to kill.    Can’t believe how many Celestial beasts there was this Pro League but that is another topic…