Gold are scarce

Why can’t i get enough gold in this game!!!Im over 90 lvl and when i battle someone it only gives less than 100k gold most of the time.How am i going to survive in this game???Upgrades are over 10 millions and how am i going to get that much gold??? What will i do searching all the day to find someone with enough gold??

Long time ago I don’t remember but old version before 3.8.0 was not like this. Find 500k,600k and more was super easy. I have max all in my previous account without problem. Since the new trophy system in 3.8.0 everything have change and now its a pain for player to find gold

Seem now the game adjust with your power. So if you have forge your stuffs or your overall of all units,spells level its too much VS your trophy range then the game punish you to stay in lower trophy range.

By example I only find myself max 100k-150k because i am at 1600 trophy and the game consider with all level and forge i have I am supposing to up at 2000 to start to find 300k,400k and more but the system himself is not well make because same at 1600 the opponent I face kick my a** easily and I lose -30 and -40 often

I hate this new system since 3.8.0 who punish everyone in the game. Now I have no choice to use my old trick that I have use in my previous account 1 year ago. Stack free chest and open them 2 days after to collect 7 or 8 millions to upgrade my stuffs or if really its necessary I have no choice to spend gems to activate gold shield

The only way now to have target who give 500k and more is if you up your trophy to allow the algorythm to give you opponent with very high gold

PS : I have made a video about this how to solve this problem. Can time a while before I upload it on my Youtube channel. My old PC broke so I have a new one and take me a little time to adapt and the lack of usb don’t help me with over 3 HDD external and all my stuffs on it. The time I reeencode each 500 video one by one. I have lose fun to do it but I will take time to do this week

In 5600 its plenty of gold

we all know this over 4500+ the veteran are all active that why but lower the game is too much died and people are no more enough active for this plus with the bad trophy system make the game even worse. the dead state of RR2 start to ruin the fun of active players sadly :slightly_frowning_face:

so between 0 and 3600 its very hard to find decent gold. Maybe at 4000 that start to be good. That reflect at which range people are active

Put your farm- or luck gear on and do some COF raiding. You have your millions in no time.

My farm upgrade finish soon so I will try this method with farm perk. I have 4 or 5 of them so its not a problem

You should find your perfect mix of farm and luck perks. And take a pro pal with you, who increases luck also. You will only get about 40k per raid, but the COF is full of nice items to sell and gold up to 900k. Easy going.

I only survive by free chests.

I am sorry, I stole all that gold. Just kidding of course.

I described many times how to gain gold targets. Dump trophies like crazy (1000-1500)… Stay there for at least 5 days and raid in previous trophy area. After winning trophies, dump them again before disconnecting.

Also raiding with luck or farm gear indeed is working. Pick easy targets and go for cof rewards. Sell items for gold (if you have empty slots keep them) and gold should be no problem, if you collect video chests for 1-2 days. It depends on time you have, less time use luck gear, having plenty of time, use farm gear.

Thanks man


The version 3.8 introduced pro boosts.

Hi all, I was checking the forum for this players with high gold issue, this topics seems to be closest.

My feedback - It becomes annoying searching for new players with high gold, hitting “new player” for more than 70 times. Especially when others finds a high gold player in max 10 clicks (both in the same alliance, one is 6 levels below, same trophy range with me, other is 20 levels higher, +1000 more trophies, much, much stronger) .

second: Attacking a player gives me 30k gold while for the other two alliance members, same player gives 300 and 600k, 10-20 times more. Is this a known issue?

Thanks in advance for reply.

Hi ROCorsair i don’t know if it is a issue but i think the game became hard when they introduced 3.8.0 to the game.I barely get someone with enough amount of gold.I hardly play this game now.

There is only many solutions now to upgrade stuffs because no more gold in this game due to the dead state.

1.No choice try to perk a uber item from legendary item who give gold perk or try to obtain Pro items with gold perk. You can mix them with Farm perk

With all Pro items Flare give us and in chest plus festival with Pro crystal,etc… I have now over 200% Gold Boost so same if you found only target at 100k or 150k = like around 350k-400k

If you stay in Veteran Scouts or lower tier in Conquest you can obtain huge amount of voucher. So with over 15K voucher you can use voucher to refill foods and do over 100 fights in a day

2.Upgrade low stuffs 1 Million to 4 Millions with max taverns and wait for Festival for upgrade at over 8 millions+ 

3.Use gems to use gold shield. If you activate a gold shield of 3 or 4 days you have time to get enough gold

4.Build a tough base and drop so low but really low in trophy to have only low player attacking you and fail. So this way its not fair but you can take you time to accumulate gold can accumulate Free Chest and at the end of the coodlown open them all for 8 millions+

and maybe more

Farm gold player at 500k,600k,700k or 800k its not possible anymore in this game like before so this option is not anymore available. So we must by pass to find gold. With Pro items and Pals,etc… thanks god we can get gold this way

So at the end still many wait to obtain gold but not just so easy like before with farming 2 millions per raid. But all this tricks work pretty well too

Yes, this is a know “issue” (game mechanic).

If you’re not finding enough gold, that’s just the game trying to make it obvious that you need to increase your trophies. This is an anti camping mechanism.

If you try to stay low on trophies OR you stop progressing in trophies OR you stop evolving your raiding abilities (meaning you don’t increase your opponents difficulty) you’ll run out of gold for your upgrades.


In case you’re wondering, this lack of gold is a mid-game problem only. Keep increasing your trophies, keep raising the bar in your raids (aka attack progressively stronger opponents, don’t stall) and eventually you will get to a point where just about everyone will have lots of gold.


I’m not in that situation anymore.

My gold gear isn’t so high. I suggest you to try strong opponent bases who don’t belong to an alliance.

Thanks all for replies. Agree with anti camping mechanism. The thing is, the matching system offers me only 2-5 trophies for a battle and 10k - 200k gold, some players being not so easy to beat and clicking new player tens of times. For a 7Mil upgrade it takes days, hopping no one will get my gold. 

I went for battles with higher lvl players. The ones with high gold are very though and I lose 50% battles, and trophies. 

@ARREBIMBA - 400k gold at that player level is also very low, my two cents… I imagine an upgrade for such player is easily over 10-12 Mil

Anyhow, I will try growing my trophies and pass this mid-game before getting bored.

thanks all. 

This is the right way to deal with this.

You only need to attack players with more trophies. If your regular opponents at 3000 trophies don’t have gold anymore, you have to attack players with 3200 trophies. Then 3300, 3400, and so on. The bar is always raising and you have to keep up.

You don’t really need to increase your trophies if you don’t want to, but that’s just the easiest way to find gold, because you can attack via the random matchmaking, instead of manually searching for players with gold (this is very time consuming).

I think its this feature who have kill RR2 same in 2017 when flare have change the trophy systems. On paper that was good but in reality its not. A anti camping mechanism.OR don’t have that and thanks god

the problem with a anti camping mechanism its make it painful for new players who don’t know the game. Person like me who play since 3 years know others trick to find gold but new players don’t and Flare lose them all. The majority stop at 30-35 and leave the game

its the worst system you can add in a game. that punish more the player then help him because the game force you to face base twice and triple more hard than what you have in offense. result you do 25%,30%,45% and lose always -30,-40 trophy and struggles like i did over month and month until by luck you obtain better gear with huge amount of gold or level up at level 90+

the anti camping force you to upgrade and rush your upgrade to advance in trophy. If you stay too much longer at same trophy range. you get 100k-150k or 200k in better case. So for do upgrade at 8 Millions and 10 Millions or 15 Millions. you struggles a lots and must wait a Festival

without 200% gold perk gear its hard without a really tough base who stop each player attack

Don’t ask why in 2019. RR2 have pass 1 Million player to under 100k. this system have kill RR2 totally and a lots of others stuffs