gold boost

i have a total gold boost of 47 % and stil i cant collect more then like 3 million gold in one session. how is that possible ??

it was higher for a while but i gues they nerfed gold loot again or what ?? and with the curent state the game is in i refuce to pay money to get gems for shields and stuff . realy this is getting realy bad .

In my experience you are correct that they nerved the amount of loot you can win. A few weeks ago I found lots of 300k+ bases and now I’m struggling to even find 200k. Even though just this morning I collected enough of money to upgrade my SB to level 4 (4.5M). I don’t know if I used a gold shield, but even if you are a free player (me, me, me) you can easily collect enough gems for the gold shield. Just win one platinum league and you can buy a gold shield for three(!!) days. In three days you can collect all the amount of gold you need for everything you want to upgrade and even more.

I just dont get all the free players that are whining at flare. You can win massive amount of free gems in game, they dont have to do that. Gems are really nice, but they are no more than a feature to make the game easier than intended. If you want to make it easier, win more gems of just buy them, but dont complain that it is getting to hard.

nope not possible to win platinum. i use windows and i dont have enough food cause i  use windows 8 and need use gems for food where android etc can watch video to get free food . its undoable . gold league i can win if i am Lucky. but not platinum Always end second in the end on large distance . paying ingame is not that bad . but the way flare handles it is bad . normaly it was ok but with each update they kinda force you to use/buy more gems if you want to do stuff. with everything you need gems . you even need to pay real money to activate elite boosts . now that is becomming more and more of a problem . the more gems you need the more you need to buy if you want go further. besides that even the loot is nerfed . where i picked up loot normaly now there just are not much bases with good loot anymore , and comon 47 % gold boost and even then its hard to get some gold if not Lucky. realy it is on flare this is becomming a pay to win game . and it doest stay this way woth every update it is getting harder and harder and more gems required . why ? because flare is getting greedy. and that is where the problem lies . not with free players whining . we just say how it is but flare doesnt listen and thats why people start to get not happy with the game .

Even winning diamond league with windows is possible. Winning platinum league with windows (or on Android/iOS without using any videos) is very well possible. If you can’t, then it is not just your OS’s fault. Instead, in case your farms are not yet at max level, max them out as soon as you can. Moreover, try to focus on beatable enemies that give you a lot of medals. Depending on your available gear, switching to items with more leadership or shield instead of some of the gold boost might also help to beat tougher enemies and win more medals.


The leader of an alliance can activate the boosts with alliance gold, without paying real money. If you want to use a certain boost, try to talk to your alliance leader.

I’ve won the platinum league at least 20 times, and I’m on Windows too. And I don’t have a medal boost yet, either.

don’t forget you get a free 3 hours gold shield once every 24hours.

makes it a lot easier to save up for those big upgrades

i play on both windows 8 and windows phone 8.1 but I easily managed to win Platinum league and I think I can win even the Diamond at level 62 but I dont get enough time to play

As this topic is “Gold boost” I think I’ll reply to the OP. Yes the gold gets lower, nerfed because flare does not want you achieving upgrades without using gold shields. Plus it’s a mechanic that deters people from staying online until they hit that upgrade.


It happens with or without a gold shield so even if you buy one you can’t just farm for all your upgrades. They want it slow and steady so people are not asking for updates every 5 minutes. Most People will lose interest the minute they have everything maxed out.