gold disappeared after updated

i was having 933 gold before update, but only 900 left after upgraded.  is it a bug or just my problem?

i have never use these gold because i’m saving 1000 for a new worker.

This problem has accured to many of the players like me too(about100 Gems)

and after saying the issue just Alysea leaves a comment that includes the link of customer support for resolving the problem but nothing happens :grinning:

Nothing changes…


There is an issue that if you remove ruins then change your defense path at the moment, the cost of the gems displayed is reset, but the actual cost is deducted.

It will however be fixed with the incoming 2.7 version of the game.

If your issue is something different, only the CS team can help to determine what is the issue.

yes i have justed updated to the latest version2.7, it’s nice… but are you going to give me back the missing golds?


If it is the issue I mentioned above, please check with the customer support team.