Gold earned

i am wondering why the system always give me to attack players with 20.000 gold the most of the times. maybe 1 time of 50 give me an opponent with 100K and never with more than 175K…

i am level 68 atm and is very frustrating not to find enemies with more gold to rush.


i know that i can go instead to the list by trophies but is very boring and slow to find enemies there.

each time that i push the button to find a new enemy i lost 1650 gold to find an apponent with less than 20.000.


how do you find enemies? why this system is so bad to find enemies?



by the other side i have another question. i have the bank maxed to 750.000 gold protected.  why i lost money being attacked when i have less than 750.000 gold??  my bank says that protects 750.000 but this is not true…  is a bug?


  1. You have to increase your trophies to find better loot, also depend on your king level (you are level 68): if you are too high you need more trophies to find better gold loot. maybe you are too high for the trophies you have so you need to stay equal king level - trophies

  2. They can stole your TAVERN GOLD always so it’s helpful collect all gold from before log out, but you can lose also in less %, other gold even if you have gold less than 750k protected.

  3. i don’t suggest the method you do to find enemies because as you saw it’s boring and long, i suggest you as i do, if i have some problem with gold to find enemies through the Alliance Leaderboard and check 1 to 1 each member of that alliance you choose, i usually search in top 50 alliance, most of time you will find good loot (in my case 600k) but always players online, so not much luck ^^, but you can have the chance to find them offline and stole all their gold.

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