Gold, Fortune, Fame, and Loose Women !!!

OK, if you could get any of these would you be playing a castle defense game ? But Castleblack is a winning alliance and we need no less than 2 more members !We fight, we win, we do not give up till the end ! We are Castleblack Inc. Join Now ! Be FEARED !!!

James the anointed leader of Castleblack Inc.

We constantly win the wars, we are active, we are united, WE ARE FEARED! We need active members who love to win wars! Come in our alliance Castleblack Inc. and make yourself a feared king!!

We need 1 more ! We won last season ! BE GREAT !!! JOIN NOW !!!

We’re up to 9 members again , come on this is going to be GREAT ! :slight_smile:


Last chance , be closing the alliance until the end of the war season soon ! Join now !