Gold in the chamber after a successfull raid

I am ascension level 27 and got the “gold” chest containing gold and it was just 7k.

I think this is extremely little, since I sometimes find around 50 ambrosia in some of the lower rarity ones and 1 raid for me gives me 44k gold + the 3 chests I can open.

So its basicly 7k gold vs 44k gold + 3 chests.

So I think if you open a chest of godlike level containing gold it should contain a lot more gold than it currently is now

Hello Macamus, 

The price you win did not depend on the level of your opponant but rather from the island you took! 
For instance you will earn more on Island you discover recently than in the first Island you got, even if your opponant have a lower level. 


Morgensten is right. The amount of resources in those chests scale with the value of the island you attacked.

This means that attacking an island which is far away from Mount Olympus will lead to more resources being in the chests than attacking an island which is very close to it. This is only fair considering that you have to spend a lot more Ambrosia to get to those more valuable islands.

Also, try to think of those chests as a bonus. The stuff in there is something you get in addition to your regular rewards. Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you are not.

Keep in mind that the main ways to get Gold and Wisdom are taking islands, looting them after battle and then defending them in order to harvest the resources they produce over time.