Gold Issue Fix

After the huge fail of Flairegames during Saturday,Sunday and Monday. This huge server breakdown have probably kill what left in low and medium player. Since the fix I cannot any longer find decent gold. All players between level 1-80 have probably stop playing the game. I am not surprise if in 6 days over thousand of players will become inactives

In matchmaker its so horrible I have never see something like this before in 4 years. Players who offer 5k,10k,20k. I have waste over 200k in gold and try to search over 50 players if no more. In over 10 minutes no opponent who offer gold.

I think the server breakdown have kill totally the game. Flare you have no choice now. You must give us a Festival of 20 days to allow us to gain gold and improve stuffs.

After the huge mistake of this weekends this game hold by only a little rope and the cissor is close

If you don’t do a festival. RR2 is over. No tomorrow. 25k still in game after the weekend problem in 7 days will still maybe less. I don’t think a Festival can save the game but at least probably save it a little for a least 1 month

PS : if you need screenshot I can show you over 100 screenshot easily in matchmaker of players who have below 10k

I can get some gold from Legendary chest but in 1 days maybe 2 if I am lucky I can get 8 Millions maybe less. Still this option is not available for everyone.Some still don’t have access to video. What left?

all the trick who have work for 4 years don’t work anymore. Maybe the only one left is if you have full farm perk gear to have 80 food battle or less to allow to do 20 battles. 30k x 20 = 600k but one attack at 500k is over

the gold is so rare now that if you have just 1.5 Millions or more you are attacked non stop. Because players don’t have play since Monday they don’t have gold anymore. We will see if the situation will be better in few days but for now its totally dead for players between 900-2000 trophy.

The Ninja Event who come can help but for 2 days only. What after?

Edit : I have change the title : We need a Festival ASAP by Gold issue Fix because its more about Gold issue and we give tricks to solve it

Wait a minute I will take some screenshot to show you the actual situation in trophy range of 500-2000 totally died. to allow RR2 team to understand the critical situation in the game after the server breakdown

Not over you want more prove the game is dead now ok no problem. New players can no longer gain gold 

Many from my favorite list was bank players. Normally before Saturday they offer me non stop 650k+ so accumulate 3 millions or 4 in 15 minutes was super easy. Now 10k and 30k only because like 80% of players below level 80 have stop play the game because of this fail weekend

Flare if tommorrow you read this please do something about it! Festival is the only way to save the game that you like it or not

If the situation improve himself in few days its ok but if not. I have no choice my only option and the only option for new players is accumulate Free chest and hope each give close 1 Million. This game will die for 1 reason. Legendary chest is only available for level 61+. below you have just a epic chest for 20k gold maybe 50k in best situation. So players below 1-60 are screwed now.No options for them

2.Base Problem

because now there is no more gold a another problem who come in the game is if no one can gain gold anymore. The players cannot any longer improve their base.So no improve = low XP. I am at level 72 and I am stuck with players who offer 50k or less because their base still at level 1-5. so much white tower is horrible. The progression is low. I don’t have a full XP gear now so at only 60% take time to level up

So if tomorrow there is no action from Flare. Good chance in 1 week only High level player 90+ will still in the game. Very sad but we are there now. Only high level players make this game survive now. Don’t count on low and medium players anymore

I’m with you…


Just to make sure Flare if you still septic about this and still don’t believe the situation is critical at this point. If you are the kind of person who think meh its depend of the hours in the game (Not anymore). Well ok. My previous post was yesterday at 12:10 AM (UTC-5) you have see no gold totally died 8 hours ago

Right now 8:11 AM (UTC -5) 8 hours later the gold is better? OK Let’s see



hum ok NO



Still sceptic same after all this screenshot? Ok I think I will give you more screenshot then




I can give you all day screenshot like this and the result will be same. No gold everywhere. Totally died

So what is the maximum you can get now after the server breakdown? Sad but true the maximum if you are lucky is 160k same if you luck in League list,Attack list,Matchmaker,everywhere

What you can do with 160k? Flare are you good in math? Nothing. 160k + 50% Gold boost will give maybe 245K X 10 attack = 2.5M in better case. Few hours you return in game you have got 4 attack at 360k and 500k. Still nothing. So what is the option now? Nothing…


Hello Warriornator in this Trophy range is normal. Play in Higher Trophy range and u finde Gold. 

that change nothing. Same if I up at 1,100 or 1,300 or 1,500 or whatever the result is the same. This trick don’t work anymore. Forget it. I can try to up my trophy but I will show you the same result. The game is died at low and medium range nobody play anymore, so no more gold nowhere. The server breakdown was fatal

The only way to get gold is if I up my trophy in a range where the game still maybe a little active around 2500-3000 but for that I need gold to improve my stuffs. For now the problem is worst that you imagine. I am the only target now. Because there is no more gold I am the only one active in my range so the little gold I have I am attacked non stop. So no more gold after few hours and the little trophy I get are going down. So now I turn around and make surplace same if i try very hard now

when i means turn around and make surplace I means : Get like 30-40 trophy and get like 500k gold after 10 attack. Few hours I return in game lose all my gold and lose 30-40 trophy. Go re attack and gain 30-40 trophy and get 500k gold. Few hours I return in game and lose all my gold and lose 30-40 trophy because I am the only one active now. Nothing I can do I’m stuck

Only option now for me is accumulate Free chest during 2 days. Open them and do a upgrade. Wait 2 days for accumulate other 6-7 chest open them and do a upgrade. You image how long will take this strategie? because is the only one left for low and medium players. No more raid,no more festival,nothing. Like I said in my previous post level below 61 are all screwed no legendary chest for them. So in 1 week all level 1-60 will be inactive and 60-85 will be close inactive and will still level 90+ soon if no action is taking from Flare. We have reach the point of no return.

I agree. Gold has gone down and was also very low during war season. 

I think this is how Flare saved the load issues on their servers - by lowering gold available.

Suggestion : Make the gold plentiful during the week then you can fix the stability issues when the servers get overloaded when all the devs are available. 

Nothing surprise us anymore. They have reduce the gold algorithm. No more gold = Less active player. Flare its really the solution you have found to maintain server connection? Hope Flare will fix this for good and fast if possible

This isn’t correct and frankly, never was. To find anyone with gold, I had to go several hundred trophies above where I should be, and the only people I could get gold from I had no chance of beating. The matchmaker is and always has been awful.

I seriously doubt some server issues can kill RR2 though. People will go back as they hear the server issues are fixed. They usually do, and if they don’t, a festival won’t help them anyway because they won’t hear about it. Flare definitely needs to step up their game though with RR2. 

Well you have a good point maybe Festival cannot help but at least can give us gold and allow us to improve stuffs for 14 days-20 days and during this time Flare can look and take time to fix the connection issues and fix problem. We still don’t know what have cause server breakdown and they refuse to tell us. So I am not surprise if they have drop drastically the algorith of gold to temporally fix the connection issues of this weekend

Many want a festival and its the perfect time to do it. To up the morale of every players in the game. I think we have all moral down after what happen

Last Friday I bought a lot of workers due to 50% worker discount. It has become more difficult to find bases with a lot of gold. And I need it to upgrade spells, waves, and especially obstacles and towers (my offense is better than my defense). Only bases with very strong defenses have a decent amount of gold. This game lost about 150k - 200k players since the last summer and all them had less than 3000 trophies, while the number of players who have more trophies remained still stable. In addition, free players depend a lot on vouchers. Flaregames should review voucher system: there are less low/medium level and/or free players in this game, high level and/or purchaser players struggle to find players with level lower than 10 to open friend super chests. The exchange between gems and vouchers is favorable for gems. The rewards in the quests are generally poor. Actually I haven’t voucher friends, but receiving 20 vouchers every time a voucher friend levels up it’s rather little. Beginners don’t know enough this game and most of them forgets to write a voucher friend before reaching level 10. Flaregames should increase the cap at least to level 20. High level players rarely receive friend super chests. I suggest also “alliance quests” (read here in lower part of the first post). Finally, every time that an alliance reaches the next level, each player of that alliance should be rewarded with a pearl chest, a pal food chest and vouchers.

If Flaregames will take so long to release version 4, I will try to write a post/topic about new version of my ideas where there will be also a poll/survey.

Thread is not great for information, but good for a laugh, just as the sun rises everyday, warriornator will post the RR2 about to die.

Like the guys who proclaim since forever that: 1) house prices will burst soon, 2) global warming tipping point is a couple years away, 3) warriornator will keep saying the game is about to die - eventually they might be right, but flipping a coin gets more accurate predictions.

Solve the riddle who is attacking warriornator non stop if he is the only one active in his range?



@Fourofjacks Normallly i should ignore you but just to answer

1.Remember me your Level? oh yeah level 120+ probably at 4000+ trophy. Oh I see you talk for nothing. You have no clue what going on in low and medium range. Like everytime at the end you speak to say nothing

2.I know and probably everyone know you like to search confrontation against everyone here on the forum. You like provoke the others.So I don’t care much about what you say in final

3.We can do nothing about it. Some people like you refuse to see the reality in face and prefer deny it. I have give enough prove since 1 year this game is died that you like it or not. I have give screenshot with Alliance full of inactives just full at 3/20 or 5/25 etc… All Aliance below top 500 are close all died. probably like the others you deny it and refuse to believe the server breakdown was fatal and was the last mistake of Flare. This have cause low and medium player stop playing. I see it I am well placed to talk about it I am level 72 at 1000 trophy. But again you talk about something that not concern you because you like hijack topic of the others for no reason.

4.The fact are the fact no matter what. in 2014-2015 the game was healthy with over 750k+ players and now if you start a new account you start at 110k but remember you must remove all inactives account,all fake account, all multi accounts,all cheater so at the end still maybe less than 15k players.So if you continue to think this game is healthy its you but the majority know here is not the case. People have problem to find new members in Alliance and replace old one. Active or really active players are rare to find today.Everyone know because of all mistake of Flare No support via email,all bugs in the game,all crash,freeze and disconnection problem,all the nerfs,all the bad moves since 2 years have drop RR2 like he is now also the fact they remove Free content like Festival and others stuffs to add P2W content. Are all the reason why RR2 is close to be died is just a matter of time.

And a another fact you will probably deny again is each week new players,low or medium become inactives. More and more stop playing because Flare don’t care.The server breakdown like the crash problem that happen if i remember in February make people stop playing also others fact like boring War Season no new content, all the bugs present in the game and so on… With the server breakdown now is the gold who will make players stop playing. There is no more gold in the game. Nothing to allow us to improve stuffs.So new players,low and medium are stuck and will all stop playing in 1 week

in few month or one day when RR2 will die soon you will say ‘‘OH the others having right about RR2 died’’

5.Enjoy it while you still can. Have fun in the game until the end.

PS : Like I said Festival will not save the game but at least make it survive maybe a another month or at least fix the gold issues we face right now. Everyone want a Festival but Flare is so much stubborn to listen us

sad that you are facing this problem. but even more sadly, there is no official response to this problem. will suit even “we know, leave me alone”

Well… Main problem is that dumping trophies right now also means participation in a much lower layer during ninja season. As soon as ninja season starts, I suggest to start dumping trophies a lot and stay low for minimal 5 days. Whatever you do, don’t beat players in old trophy area. Lose them deliberately instead. Match maker should think you are much weaker than you are in reality.

Don’t use matchmaker for searching players having gold, instead use player or alliance list to find players in old trophy range to get descent gold targets. 

At the moment, I still dump trophies till 2750- after start of ninja season, but one or two days before ninja event I raise them up to 3650+ (have a safety margin, especially now majority of players have war boosts) and even now I find some targets having gold with matchmaker (700k+, majority however gives 50k-).

Don’t drop too far, it’s harder now to raise your trophies. at the start you go up with 40+ trophies per matchmaking raid, but later it goes by 15-. So whatever you do, don’t dump too many trophies, otherwise it means participating in lower ninja layers.

Good luck finding gold Warrior. 

@Invizzzible i know we will have no real official answer. They cannot tell us the reason of what happen this Saturday. So I try to find some way to find gold but like I said all trick who work since 4 years don’t work anymore. I talk about me but you know me I like to help the others. That not only concern me. I try to find a solution of the problem.

  • Before finding opponent 650K+ or sometime 650K X 2 per opponent was easy before Saturday. Now is totally desert with just 10k and 20k my favorite list is all useless now. I must change it but don’t find proper opponent

  • The shield was a solution but not anymore. Same if someone is crazy to use a 7 days shield. at 10k or 20k a raid same if you have 200% gold boost is nothing maybe 50k a raid. I start to have upgrade at 5 millions so totally useless now

  • Dungeon but not really maybe for level 80+ if you are in Vein of Gold XV + for 5 Millions each. Not accessible for low players or medium players

  • Favorite list is now useless because no one have gold anymore so

I will try to up my trophy range and see what happen but again not sure that will solve the problem. For me its a false way to solve this problem if that work. Until then I’m stuck

the only one who still work is accumulate Free Chest for 2 days and open them all at the same time but again a false solution. Not everyone have video available. People like me have a limited data usage per month. I am no lucky I have just 40 GB per month not 200 or 400 like the majority. So at 5MB-7MB a video is too much

@Dena4 its not just a gold problem you can fix just with trophy range like you always do in 2500+ since many years. I know we have all use this trick to resolve gold issue. I have raid before Saturday and after Monday. that why I said gold issues is linked with the server breakdown issue. Before I haved easily 650K+ opponent by dozen and now nothing. Maybe is not the case I can be wrong but I am enough sure what happen Saturday have provoke this gold issues.

i will test the Trophy trick and see if that solve the problem. In 4 years I never have problem using matchmaker non stop and find opponent at 650k+ or gain 15 Millions in 20 minutes and find dozen of opponent. I have make so much video in the past How to gain gold. I find out strange suddenly gold is broken just after Saturday? coincidence? not sure? or Flare have change a algorithm where you are stuck too long in the same range you gain no more gold? Possible I will up my trophy then and see what happen. Maybe be at 1090 for too long. I will up at 1300

I give you news about this in few days. If up my trophy have solve the problem :grinning:



Remember that the 4 times XP factor that was active during community week had a consequence. A lot of players did extra raids and this mean even more player bases were raided much more times than they used to.

We don’t know how some players respond on more raids, but since it was also blacksmith, a lot of players might be buying items and… A lot of players spend gold on the boost defense event.

So gold can be dried up somewhat. Since we had connection issues during war season, there is less gold pumped back into the ‘RR2 economy’. It can be a temporary problem, remember we get gold during upcoming ninja season. If that amount also is way lower than before, then I expect matchmaker causing the problem, thinking you are raiding ‘easy’ bases.

So wait first what ninja raids give in terms of gold. If they give normal gold, then it must be lack of gold. If the gold reward is much lower, then I suggest to deliberately losing raids against pretty weak opponents and definitely not win against stronger players. That would only make it worse. 

A festival also will give low gold rewards, when ninja event also gives almost nothing. 

Well is no more abut Festival i guess so now is more about Gold issues. For new players who read this I will test 2 method and see which allow to have better gold. Can be useful for players stuck like me

1.I will test if same if I continue to do winning streak and up my trophy. Maybe with all my forge and all I am too much strong for the base the game give me. That why i destroy all without nothing

2.If number 1 don’t have work. I will test if losing -30 or -40 non stop will trick the game and finally unlock better opponent and gold

I test that today and tomorrow. I give news about it soon…Anyway I must up at 1300 I must record 1200-1400 tier

Remember that matchmaker needs 5 days to adapt. So if you test, stay low for at least 5 days.

Ok after some test its the Number 1. If you have Gold Issue then the fix is up your trophy. You are too much overpowering for the range you are

I have use my alt to accelerate the result. I have retreat 3 times to up my trophy and I have do some fight

Result :


on my ipad i have the same trophy close same level of spells and stuffs. Very similar and I find easily 400k+ opponent and 600k+. both account was equal before the X4

Why? the answer is easy. on my ipad nothing is forge just my toxic cloud. So the game don’t think I am strong enough to up so stay at 1,100 is enough for a level 59

on my PC

I am too at 1,100 but my Hammerstike is forged at +14 and Firestorm and the rest at +4 plus my troops at +10,etc… so at 1,100 I am too much overpowering for my opponent

Here the Result in details

after I have return in my main account. Now I am at 1,172 and I see already the change. No more 10k,20k now its 50k-100k. So more I will up and more the gold will up

Honestly really well made when you think. That protect low player and at the same time its a huge hint to know where you must go in trophy range

I confirm the fix work

I am now at 1,184 and start to find 199k-650k opponent. So I confirm if you got opponent at 5k,10k or 20k in matchmaker non stop same after 60 try during many days. You are too much overpowering then you must up in trophy

PS : screenshot are good but video are better. I have make some video who show the problem and video how to solve the problem. So when I will upload my 2nd Series you will be able to see it. until that screenshot are here


its pretty simple when you think. By example you are level 50 and be at 650 trophy but have forge your stuffs at +10. the game will protect low player and will give you only 5k,10k or 20k opponent. So you must up in trophy.

Now you are at level 55 and you up at 1,000 and your forge are now at +12. After a while again the game will give you opponent at 5k,10k,20k because you will be too much overpowering for the trophy range. 

After you level up at 60 and up at 1,500 and your forge your stuffs at +16.After a while again the game will give you opponent at 5k,10k,20k because you will be too much overpowering 

and so on… you understand the principe. The game auto detect your power. So if you got low gold its a good hint you can up in trophy

Good luck  :grinning:

Information Section : Why after 4 years nobody have give any fix solution? Why find it now? Simple before Ninja Event was not in the game so before 2.5.0 you focus to up trophy and up trophy and improve your account without be stuck at a number. So 200,500,1000,1500,2000 and so on… With Ninja Event we much choose and stay at a tier we want to obtain Pearls. When 2.5.0 have arrive the majority was already level 100. So at this level you have farm gear,free chest and a lots of way to accumulate gold so same if you have got opponent at 10k,20k or 50k don’t matter because you was able to defeat players who attack you and accumulate gold in 2 days or 3 and take your time. Because the majority use the trick number 2 : Drop trophy to trick the game system. So I am the only one to focus and give the solution about a trick number 1

So now I am the only one of the veteran to have recreate a new account and rebeginning from start. Now with Ninja Event. I encounter this problem and i have take time to give the solution and because I am the only one to have enough time to help the others. The majority work,go at school,have a familly. So nobody have really time to test and give tricks for each stuffs in the game. I have

So player now know there is 2 Tricks to solve the gold issues