Gold loot noticeably less today

Anyone else notice gold is noticeably less today?
they changed it recently where gold was easier to come across, but tonight has been horrible for me (or i am really unlucky).

Think even yesterday, most players 5k+ for me gave 200k minimum, tonight i struggle to find any giving over 100k going through multiple top 20 alliances.

I got some 1 mlns and etx

but its an event. Many raiding like crazy

the event didn’t start tonight though. Its not like there is no gold out there, i have had the odd one over mil as well but still noticeably lower.

and i am sure yesterday when i browsed through the top alliances, i barely saw any under 100k, tonight most of them are under 100k.

I stand to be corrected, but gold is dependent on the players’ treasury. If a player’s treasury is full, then you will be able to get lots of gold from raiding him.


Prior to the event, I had about 20 uber chests stacked up, all from one Ninja Event. Today is the day I finished using all Uber Chests. I believe many players are in a similar situation too. Hence, players are starting to resort to using up gold to buy items from Granny to melt. Consequently, players with lots of gold in their treasury will be more and more uncommon.

Festival? Hello?

If there is no Easter Festival this year then I’m giving up on y’all. It’s a waste of my time trying to find that one bloke that actually gives loot over 30k, only to be told I can’t touch him because he’s online. Everything takes bloody long, is ridiculously expensive, and getting gold for it takes about as much time and work as I picked up a pickaxe and went mining for the gold myself.

(I may be a tad cranky today…)

I have a different strategy when it comes to BS event when my uber chests run out.


What I do is, I always make sure my treasury is full because I use the free legendary chests to fill up food which I will in turn use for raiding with luck gear. The items I find from COF will be more than what can get if I buy items from Granny using gold from the free legendary chests (Therefore, as at the time of writing this, my treasury is full when I logout the game. If you see lots of gold by raiding me, you know my abovementioned theory is correct).

So full treasury you say. I am below you in trophy as well…

Woots. Looks like my theory is debunked. My apologies.

someone has suggested maybe the gold from normal raids has been changed like gold the war raids, they drop if you have attacked recently and if this is the case that would explain why mine is so low since i have attacked a lot recently.

I don’t believe normal raids used to behave in this way, and certainly not a welcome change. 

Someone else had a look at your base, they are seeing 800k+ compared to my princely figure.

There’s a gold penalty if you drop below the trophy  count that you’re “supposed” to have. I don’t know what’s the algorithm but apparently the system will calculate and will know that and impose it on you.


Maybe that’s the case?

no i’m not currently trophy dumping, i doubt i am supposed to be over 5k.

since my previous post i have not attacked and you are now showing 300k for me.
and i cannot find anyone over 5k thats worth under 150k for me anymore… where as earlier i could barely find anyone over 100k

Seems there has been a change, similar to how gold works in war, which i can say again is not welcome at all… horrible change
i can only hope its a bug / accident.

also when was this implemented? I used to trophy dump like crazy when i needed gold, was far easier to find gold.
I know some that are still heavily trophy dumping to make finding gold easier - they have not mentioned any gold penalty. If anything you get a gold boost from being lower trophy.

If you need gold badly because you used it to buy items from granny to melt, then do consider the strategy I use too. It doesn’t rely too heavily on the availability of gold. The gold I lose to raiders when I logout are usually recoverable with one full silo when I’m back online.

@Dena4 was the one who tested this and told me about it. There is apparently a way to go around it.

Don’t need gold / have gold issues, dont buy granny items usually. I still have 13 uber chests to use this event, with my blacksmith going strong.

ive never had issue finding gold til tonight. I’ve raided 60+mil a day previously without much issue to keep workers busy.

I think something has changed, but who knows, flare don’t say anything, and often i think they also don’t know.
i’ve had 3 peple raid me around 30mins ago when I was offline breifly, all took 0 gold (protected) from me with successful raids… i don’t have a gold shield on
edit: I am also over the protected amount from treasure chamber

but i have been attacked heaps, my attack history is only 11hours long  :rolleyes:

I don’t know if flare changed something, but when you get a lot of trophies pretty fast, gold in range where you are at that moment seems to be dried up. And when you even raid players from much higher trophy areas, the problem only increases. Did you raid top 100- bases and did you win those raids? Then the problem is that match maker algorithm thinks you are way too strong for your current trophy range, especially when some players in that range didn’t beat your base while raiding. Main problem is that trophy algorithm expects you to have much more trophies and you are much stronger.

There are 2 ways to solve it, either climb more trophies (not always possible) or dump trophies and with dumping I mean a lot. Doing nothing makes it worse, so that’s not the solution. Around 1.5 years ago I made the mistake to climb in trophies up to 4800 pretty fast. Before war season I always hanged 4000-4200 trophies, sometimes 4500. But after one season I had around 4800 trophies, beating a lot of 5k bases (at that moment 6k+ trophies were doable by top players). While hanging around 4000 trophies, players 4500+ still gave me reasonable loot (250k-), but when I suddenly raised trophies up to 4800 situation changed drastically. 

At those days, some top players opened their bases sometimes and one classic mistake was to raid them for the easy gold. Match maker adapted since I beat very tough bases (because they opened their base!) and as a result almost no opponent gave any gold. I could even select top 10 bases, I got around 200k- gold max (not that I was able to take it) offered. Most bases gave 150k- and after a few raids I could be fortunate to receive 50k. And I needed to raid players 4500+ to get any gold, lower players gave absolutely no gold. And to make it worse, everyone that successfully raided me, gained 600k gold. You absolutely lose max amount of gold. That’s horrible while you need to do upgrades, even with a shield for a day, I had hard times to score 10M+ gold.

Another high player told me the solution, either raise trophies or heavily drop them and stay there for at least 5 days to let match maker adapt. Raising them would mean I needed to leave my team and join a much stronger alliance. That was no option for me. Since my team had medium boosts I decided to dump trophies. The only correct way to do that, is by deliberately losing raids (it has double effect, you lose and matchmaker thinks you aren’t such strong raider after all plus you lower trophies). And when I say dump trophies, I mean really dumping them by starting a raid with matchmaker and retreat. Do this till you lost 1000-1500 trophies. Then, whatever you do, stay low in trophies (hang around in that range) for at least 5 days in a row. And when you then raid, raid players in old trophy range or somewhat lower. 

First day you see almost no improvement, second day situation becomes somewhat better. After 5 days plenty of gold is there. One thing you need to do although. Nowadays you don’t gain extra trophies from beating players 700+ trophies higher. You still need to lose some raids deliberately against weaker players, otherwise gold once again is lower. I first got plenty of gold from players 3500+ trophies, nowadays I need to raid players 3800+ to get 500k+ gold per raid. Since I also don’t need gold any longer, I don’t raid them that often any more, unless it’s war season. 

The day before ninja event, I raise my trophies again. The moment that ninja event is started, I start dumping trophies to get under 3000 trophies (most times 2700-) . Only lately it’s getting harder to raise trophies, so if you want to play harder ninja events, this isn’t really an option, or you must have enough time to make your trophies climb again.

@Fourofjacks your base is showing me 1200k gold atm. And @LacunaC yours is giving around 1.5 million + . 

Afaik the gold value keeps on decreasing if you have done a lot of raids recently. 


also you can refresh gold value after a lot of raids if you will buy bread by gems