Gold notification when opening chests

Would it be possible to show the gold you have while opening chests so you do not go over 15 million.

This! A very “quality of life” idea. (Of course it would be best if you didn’t lose gold that is over your capacity but this will do as well)

Also, I may be seizing the thread a little here but in similar vein it’d be real helpful if you had your pearl count shown when forging. You wouldn’t have to go back to main screen when forging multiple spelld/units.

Just display your currencies when doing something currency related (show gold/pearls/gems somewhere).

Great ideas guys!

We could surely avoid a lot of clicks by going back and forth to the main screen.


The DEVs could even reuse their idea of the alliance stronghold buildings!

By showing us our current currency (gold. pearls, etc…) like this.

No offense, but I don’t see this is a great idea. The reason why I don’t think it’s a great idea for chests is because you can already tell about how much gold you have when you’re opening chests. When you receive new items, you’ll see that the gold price for them is 0 when you’re Chamber is full. And if you want to keep selling items from chests, just find something to upgrade and then continue selling and selling

I don’t agree with you either  :stuck_out_tongue:

Imagine that I saved my 11 chests from the ninjas (or whatever the number was)…

And now I start opening all of them at once?

What if I have 12 Million gold right now and a few of them are enough to fill my chamber?

If I click too fast, I may not notice that my chamber is already full while losing some gold in the process :slight_smile:  

First if you open your chest when you are at 12,13 or 14 Millions its your own problem if you waste gold when open chest. Just check what gold you have before open it

Second to solve this problem we have suggest it in the past week to up the Treasury Chamber at 20 Millions or why not 30 Millions to able to do 2 upgrade at 15 Millions

at same time this will solve the problem too of gold issues where you find no more gold