Gold problems

Hi there team of RR2…

I have been facing gold problems , max raids i see is 200k and its very rare , i even saw 5k yesterday day !! 

After i have been seeing 500k-800K i stopped seeing from about 2 weeks  , its so hard collecting gold now for the very expensive upgrades



Please increase gold amounts we get from raids!

Moreover i still lose 600k gold even when i have 1-2m , please adjust these amounts


Make players lose 600k per raid if the player has more than 5-6m gold 


Ign : Yahia_m 

Lvl 96

Its flare way to tell u,  buy day shield with gems… 

i have the same problem and i only get 100k or sometimes 30k per raid , flare please fix this and i make 500k a day and lose 400k a day and i need 20M and its hard to even get that.

Yes.  Issue is very bad recently.  Since the event started

Seems a bit better again.  Like how it is between wars

wait for ninja event

i need gold i can’t wait but the ninja event is tomorrow so we will see

Good to know that iam not the only one with that Problem. Loot is hard to get for expensive Upgrades. The Game gets boring if you fight and fight and getting just this sh*** loot. So i dont need to fight, just collect the legendary Treasure every 4 hours and get my Gold this way. But thats not the way how to play the Game. I think FG should get back the good old Algorythm with 600k+.

welcome to the club :wink: