Gold Protection

So currently my gold storage is upgraded to protect 250k.

Many days I leave the game with over 250k and the next day I end up with less than 250k.

Isn’t gold protection a guaranteed 250k gold? Or am I understanding it wrong?

Like I thought if you had 251k gold and someone attacked you, you would still have 250k gold.

Am I the only one who is having trouble finding the edit button btw?

Yes, that’s what it appears to mean, but that’s not what it actually means. What it means is that if someone attacks you and you have 250k gold, you won’t lose gold at an 100% ratio. If you had 750k and someone raided you, you could lose the 500k in one raid, since the gold can be stolen at a 100% ratio. Once you are down to 250k, you will only lose a certain percent of what you have left per raid (the percent is unknown).

Yeah makes no sense… why  overcomplicate something that they make appear to be a specific limit

Hmm. I can ser why that mechanic would be necessary but it still makes me sad XD.

Please bear in mind that the gold produced in the taverns, is not protected, unless you pick it up to your chamber.


This is why you can see opponents getting much loot from you, but still around 250K stays in the chamber.


Do you see the amount of gold you already own decreasing, or you just see the pop-up of an after attack with a high amount of gold?

It’s the amount of gold he already owns, If I understand him correctly - and I _think _I do  :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya it is. And additionally, I can raid other players over and over again for a relatively consistent amount of gold for a few times (at my level maybe 20 k difference).

That is due to matchmaker not showing you the total gold they have available to raid due to significant differences between your level and theirs.

I’ve raided same person for 550-600k 4 times in a row. It’s very rare but very healthy for my chambers

The reason for that is the person had like 4 or 5 million more than his Treasure Chamber protects

Was experimenting with this issue. If you have maxed gold chamber (750K protected), you can leave 1-1.2M unprotected.

Even if players farm you, the taverns will compensate the loss, so you will still have around this amount of gold all the time.

If I’m planning on pushing for a lot of gold, I’ll slowly build up to just under 2M.  Even if  I get attacked I can usually get what I lost back in 1 raid.  Then when I have the time I have a high starting point, can raid till out of food, take a free 3 hour gold shield, come back finish raiding and see what I can spend it all on.  I always same some high gold gear if I need to sell some to get another million gold or so.