Gold protection

I think 3 hours is not enough   protection  we shud get  the 1 day gold protection free and    remove the 3 hour 1   it would also be   better if   you dont want to give us the free 1 day GP  then  you can  give  us a 6hours GP

As is, I believe every 24 hours you get 3 hours of protection.  If it was upped to 24 hours obviously we’d never get any money raiding.  I honestly think 6 hours would be cool, but at the same time, I like raiding so I don’t want your shields up.  :wink:

We should have the choice between 6h and 24h(1d), the cooldown for free 6h shield is 24h and starts counting down when the shield is activated, while 1d free shield has 2 days cooldown that starts after the shield ends (total 3d cooldown).

How does this sounds? If you have 1d shield 1d cooldown, then we have perma shield and no one can loot anything…