Gold rewards dropped suddenly



I have bought 1 week gold shield few mins ago and I raided few players and suddenly now the gold rewards while raiding dropped suddenly a lot almost 50%


is that related to the gold shield or why did it happen? Also I have noticed a drop of the trophies and medals rewards too but the gold dropped severely 

A lot of people are using gold shields so the only thing you can do is wait… -_-

The thing is that the same players were showing almost double the gold before few mins and they are more than 10 so I doubt all of them used gold shield same time 

You can restore the “drop” buying food with gems. Need only a few to restore.

I tried that with a small amount of food and it helped a bit. But still much lower than they were before


what causes the gold to drop suddenly? 

Probably you should wait some time before the gold restore, or maybe the gold shield decrease the amount of gold. Me too sometimes happen this thing, but after i see that after 30-50 click on “new enemy”, i wait some hours before search enemies again.

what u hv been looting is what we call computer generated loot. But that loot drop after every successful raid. People don’t hv spare gold this few days, u hv to wait a little longer for gold to come back



Is there some place where this concept is described in detail? I never did get how it worked

I think he means the more you get gold the less you will get by raiding and by time it rests back to normal 

Normal now  everyone either have gold but use them all or have shield on and if you see good loot like 600k then its gone after few mins , chances are that the player is sharing gold or gold already taken by someone else since good loot now premium/limited



In a bit more detail:

Besides the loot from your victims, you see and get some system-generated loot on every raid. With every raid you do, the amount of system-generated loot you see gets lower. Also, it may be a bit lower or higher for some bases than for others, but basically the reduction affects all bases you look at.


So if you did e.g. 10 raids in a row, you won’t see any decent loot anymore, except you view some player that has actually left a huge amount of actual (non fake/system-generated) gold unprotected in his treasure chamber (for example because that player lost internet connection, or forgot to start an upgrade after his raiding session). Though, currently basically everyone is raiding to get those new upgrades released some days ago, so actual real big loot is very rare at the moment. 


Thus, you mostly depend on your luck and on the system-generated loot, which increases again (slowly) over time. So if you see no good loot, go offline and check some hours later. 



I think many months ago, there was an exploit called the “1 gem trick”. This was, buying food (for at least 1 gem) completely reset the system-generated loot to default/maximum. However, this was fixed long ago. Now, the loot doesn’t get reset completely when you buy food, but only a little bit, and more if you buy a bigger amount of food.

Though, especially if you have a gold shield, it may not be worth it to spend like 60 gems to reset the loot. Rather wait for a while. 




Now, here is the place :wink:

Not sure if long ago there was any other topic about this… probably, but just search the forums. 

Really, i lost recognition of time so ! But yeah i tried many times to buy food and a little bit more gold increased, but i didn’t know about “buying bigger amount of food= more gold” system. Good and also bad to know that it’s been fixed =(

Well, I consider it good to be fixed, as it probably wasn’t intended in the first place and was a bit… well, not how you would wish things would work! :grinning:

Though, I consider it sad that that exploit was “necessary” - i.e. that the loot regularly was low enough to get people to use this trick… Better loots would be a good thing… 

Gold wasn’t needed in top 200 base before this update, I had 12m in my chamber “unprotected” and not many people is interested (500k gold from my base per raid). But now… People will raid my base even for extra 50k gold from my chamber. If you are lucky find one with 500k gold, or even 200k gold… It will be gone in just few mins

Yes. Before the update, most people were afraid to raid strong bases (costing most raiders many gems for scrolls), so there was quite a lot high-loot bases out there. But now with a slight nerf of the lvl 13 barricades and tons of new upgrades to start, the demand for gold is high enough to even attack the toughest of bases, as long as they offer more than the default 100k loot… I mean, currently even 200k is considered a “good loot”… 

Hey corporal I finally get what you mean it just happened to me as well.I was getting opponents with 200 even 400 thousand gold in their


treasuries but I went out and bought a 3 day gold shield and all of a sudden.All my opponents afterwards had little or no gold in their


treasuries. I thought it was just me until I read your post and as soon as my gold sheild deminished the rewards for raiding opponents


went back to what they where before I bought the gold sheild.You and I both are the only ones paying attention or the only ones playing


fair because this is the fourth obvious money milking tactic I’ve spotted coming from Flare games since i stated playing this game. With


shark tactics like these this game won’t be around much longer. Beware to some of the people in the forums that try to convince you


that you are crazy or just a sore loser or subtlely prod you to spend more money are actually the Developers them selves that play the


game and know full well the cheats and things that go on because they put them there and are actually just patronizing you to slow the


mass migration away from this game thats about to occur. Either their greed or their egos won’t allow them to turn a 10 million dollar 1yr


perennial into a 30 million dollar 10 yr wind fall either that or their too stupid