Gold rewards nerfed?

After last upgrade my gold rewards for favorites and others is greatly reduced. Anybody else experiencing this? If legit what is the logic behind the change?

You are too strong for them now, move up the leader boards

I agree with Driz 79. Seems like gold has been nerfed. It doesn’t matter if it is a higher lvl or not it is harder to find a player yeilding a descent amount of gold vs the cost of food.

I agree, recently I have found it really hard to find an opponent with decent gold, and it can cost me tens of thousands just to find a suitable player.


And am I imagining things or sometimes a player with low (<50) medals can be as hard to defeat as a player with 200+ medals?  These are players I have not previously attacked, I’m just finding them on the matchmaker. So I just choose based on their towers etc but I would have thought that low medals = easier to beat. 

Gold nerf happen a few times before I think but if its happen it will affect the entire game , not just a small trophy range.Currently I can see tons of gold from top 10 so I believe that nothing is wrong with the system.


Like lunatic4 said , it might be the case that you’re now too strong for your favourites and so you don’t see gold from them anymore.I was top 30 last week but then drop to now around 160 ranks.From matchmaking I cannot get gold 95% of the time.In fact , most bases give only 50k which is way short of my minimum upgrade of 4.5m.I had to attack only top 100 player or higher to get decent gold.


My advice would be to move up a few hundreds trophies and see if things change.It should change.Boo if you want I can re-activate blazing knights and power archer using money for few days , that’ll help with raids.Personally think that around 2000- 3000 trophies , 300+ medals base is the best.Not tough , not easy either.

I didn’t notice any difference, I raid around top 300 range though.