Gold sharing?

Can you share your gold with your alliance members??? In a different post someone mentioned sharing gold with alliance members. I got the impression that if you atacked someone on your own team when they were off line you could win some of year gold. Did I understand this correctly?

Nope, if you are in the same alliance, you can only test your members bases…to share gold with your alliance members, the only way is leaving the alliance for one of the member… :grinning:

this should be closed i think :slight_smile:

@ chickennoodlesoup

 why? is there something wrong with this method?

Thanks for clearing that up for me.

No, there has never been anything to suggest you cannot do this. It may not be the most ethical way to play the game but to each their own.

no, bolz1 just answered his question

sounds like coordinated team to do that not a unethical band of highwaymen