Gold Shield More basic gold bonus

Hey Flare Hey RR2 community

i think the Gold shield is awesome for any player with high gold target, but i think if every one in the game decide to use gold shield in one time there will be no gold to gather at all, and with the high targets of gold as evey month already new levels add to variety of game elements, <which is awesome> .

so i suggest, and open discussion about increase the in game gold bouns if i attacked member with gold shield to even have half what i should gain if he hasn’t the gold shield up

ok thats it … think about it

any way i am demanding to increase the basic gold bonus to be 200k for any one above level 90 so it can give 300k-350k minimum … even without any overflow in his treasure chamber.

i have 8 workers so some times i need over 30 milion a day so it will so useful as flare keeps adding levels and more gold is required

Just attack players without a shield, the majority of the time most players don’t have one on, unless there is a very recent update there is always a lot of gold to be found if you look hard enough.

in no war season i had to spend 200k-300k gold on match making to have 400k-600k loot


80% of match making choice had 50k-140k loot !!! how much raids i need to gather 8m for max skull in this time !!!

8 workers??? Man, that’s a lot. Fire half of them and you just need 15 millions a day … problem solved!  :grinning:

Don’t use matchmaker then! Most of us have favourites who we know often leave a lot of gold on show, try locating them and making your own list. 

not all the time favorite list have gold !! i think of general term for gold bonus, and searching manual for gold took alot of time !!!