Gold System

Hey Flare!


You need update your “base gold system”. The gold in the game is scarce.


I’m spending more gold “rolling the random” that I win in the fight.


3.750 gold to roll, and I’m needing roll more that 30 times to find someone with at least 200.000.


In most of time, I find only 100.000 (less). Or 50.000 (less). 


Very Hard 100.000(more) .

And very very Rarely 200.000(more).


It’s very bad! You should fix up this Godl System.


My Alternative account I find 200.000 (more) very easily. And is a lvl 55 account.


So why my lvl 97 is finding only bases with 13.000 gold? It’s ridiculous.


If necessary, I make a video rolling, and you will see the time, and gold, that I spend rolling…

This could be why people drop trophies to improve matchmaker odds for gold?

No. I don’t drop trophies. I have around 4.800-4.900 trophies.

I never open my base to drop trophies.

I was thinking here.

All the gold that we spend rolling, you can INCREASE in the REWARD of that base.

Example: I’m rolling, searching some good reward. Each roll I lost 3.000 gold.

If I pass by a base that gives me 150.000 and I roll, next player that see the same base, will see 153.000. Understand?

This way the game don’t loose gold.

Because the game be with very very few gold.

Exists few gold circulating. We need more gold to make the game grow. To make everybody happy.

It’s frustrating you roll 50 times to fight against 200.000.

We need more gold. Best rewards

You might want to check out the Open Bases thread in the General Discussions forum

I don’t like open bases. They only have few gold. I want that flare boost the gold system. Make more gold appear in the game. We want more gold. And mostly of bases that I find has less that 100.000 gold. Or 50.000 less, too. And it’s frustrating. Spend a lot of money rolling, and find only bases with few gold. Understand my problem? I don’t open my base. And I’m not looking open bases. I’m looking more gold in all the bases.

Higher lv chest have more protection , high lv player have more worker to spend gold and since its already scarce at that lv no one would want to leave it for other people to take it . If rolling is free it would be bad for people who is waiting to have enough gold to upgrade some thing but haven got enough and already used 3h shield .

My suggestion is you should have extra gold depend on enemy hero lv .

That would make people have more fun when lv up because more food cost and less gold is no fun .

For example :

Extra gold = op hero lv * X

X does not change .

We can have a disscus how much X should be if FG notice this suggestion .


You make a good suggestion friend. I agree with you…

I send a ticket to flare, with the link of this post.

Let’s hope that it will read…



We always read the suggestions :grinning:

Good Aether! :wink: