Gold/Wisdom bonus for manual play

It’s in the title and the suggestion is this: a battle with 100% manual play should get standard extra reward for gold and wisdom, maybe 15% extra gold and 150 wisdom or something along those quantities, maybe add a bonus item also!! ;0

It’s very easy and dull going AP around everyone bases with Caddy/Helen/Athena and gang, and also I find wisdom shortage and sometimes gold can be a issue with high lvl oddessy and refining taking place (and I use the Golden Caduceus for extra wisdom frequently).
With this it would add a little incentive to do some manual play, and as ever this would also help more lower level players who generally don’t have AP heroes anyway…just a thought.

I thought most people consider AP harder than manual.


Really, I just go make a coffee and come back to collect my winnings. All be it, can be tough to get the exact amount of milk right!!

Most people here complain about AP and ask for it to be buffed cause it’s too hard, though.

If you find it dull you can always play manual.

I’ve never heard anyone say AP is too hard; after all you just forge CD and press the button, those who chose it do so for the x2 speed bonus, so can gain more resources quicker than manual play.
I do play manual with every hero, but it’s so easy to just switch to ‘AP mode’ with a few select heroes for greater rewards and less thought.

This is a really good idea! The autoplay kills the fun of the game. It is ridiculous to see players who make 200 attacks a day with Cadmo at x2 speed


Lol who makes 200 attacks with cadmus :thinking: in day.
I still have to meet that player.
I can’t beat my own base on autoplay with cadmus even though my gk is average.
I can’t beat philstar, dumpster or archemides base on autoplay.

FYI @d9d9 cadmus is a very over rated hero.i lose lots of battles with cadmus😅 becuase my cadmus come across a gk that wipes out my enitre army in one second and leaves cadmus alone to deal with gate of Apollo.

I don’t know how people can compare autoplay or manual play as being easy or hard. They both are different playstyles .
Some Heroes are designed for autoplay and some are not. Even developers have acknowledge this fact in past.
So why someone should be rewarded for playing manually.
Mastering autoplay is not easy by the way.
I failed a lot with it past and after so many hit and trail methods found some good setup for few Heroes that are great on autoplay and i use them to grind gold and wisdom and hell yeah it takes too much time as i have to spend two minutes per battle.

but why should they have a drawback? either give manual play the possibility to speed up or what is suggested for farming.

you do not have those (or similar) player on your map regularily, do you? so once you know (or get told) how to set up an autoplay hero you have a time bonus when it comes to farming. [with more than one devices (or windows with virtual machines i assume) player have also the possibility play double accounts parallel with autofarming. just freaky…]

btw: i also do not like what @dumpster as suggested regarding units deselection as it makes autofarming just more easier.

so - i agree to @Philstar : make manual play more attractive. in my opinion it would be good for the game.


i agree - but one of it has a time bonus. why?


You should read one of the 3 dozen threads about how AP needs to be improved. I think you’ve even participated in some of them before you knew how to properly configure your heroes for AP!

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It’s been possible to deselect units for ages. I want it to be possible to deselect Powers.

The manual mode must become a mode that rewards the player more than the automatic one.


If the forums are any indication, most players can’t beat any but the easiest defenses on AP, and even then only with a few heroes. So unless “not losing” isn’t a reward, I’d say most players do get a reward from manual play.

The problem might be that Cadmus, Helen, and Athena are so overpowered that players can reliably AP with them. Maybe they need a major nerf?

Do you have any logic behid this?

manual play is a skill and a pleasure for the player - the autoplay is the ability to forge -

cadmo - helena and atena allow automatic reproduction and are very powerful (also)

The initial ‘thought’ goes in to the build, but anyone playing the game more than a few months can see that CD is the BIG win factor not just in AP but also manual play… I can put a few heroes around to AP almost all bases and even the tough GK’s get thrown out f the way often and the gate breaks, so I have no reason to play manual really.
It’s like I hinted at initially and @NaN stated it clearly, AP you can accrue resources at x2 speed with ZERO input from the player, yet on manual play we can fight a great battle but get no extra reward and in effect you’re losing time (the greatest resource there is).

The whole ‘championship manager’ style OR is fine, but it definitely shouldn’t be penalised vs a no-brainer one button tap.

As for Helen/Athena being overpowered, I doubted before Helen’s GK killing ability and still doubt it even more now. I think Athena and Cadmus are among the 3 best heroes in the game. Someone got to be good haven’t they? You can’t farm or bring Arty/Ajax/Prom to war and expect to kill hard GK’s from the top alliances, so there has to be some option for TL players IMO. Remember also GK forging for endgame hasn’t really started yet…

this for me, is indifferent, I do not think who uses the manual should be rewarded, as it always has a second choice (ap)

for Artemide and Aiace you have to be good manually - it would be nice to upgrade them

In the case of Artemis, which I like so much (too many buttons to click - it takes all the hahahaha keyboard)

disable powers - allows you to use only those you need and optimize power recovery

I know a guy, his IGN is Archi… Once I did about 150 attacks in 1 day with Ariadne. If you have time to press the AP button then it’s possible.

I couldn’t agree more.

I think that you hit the nail on the head. A fair solution IMO would be giving the possibility to play in 2X speed in manual. I don’t feel like I need any “motivation” to raid 100% manual with my Ajax (because I have to, question of hero design), but I’d love to be able to do it in 2X mode :slightly_smiling_face: