Gold/Wisdom bonus for manual play

I would imagine it’s a very small minority of players who can beat the majority of the players on their map with AP, particularly with how popular heroes like Hercules and Perseus are, who don’t naturally excel in AP.

The game generally gets dull when you’re max level and have forged to the point that few defenses are a challenge. I’ve been there before and I understand it. Most players aren’t in that position though.

Perseus is from ap … we are not joking now …

good war to all

AP is dull and you might as well be washing dishes, you honestly don’t need to watch after you press the fight button and x2…For Caddy and Helen once you’ve got CD 70% + which isnt hard to figure out you can just farm trophies quickly and gold at twice the speed. It is an advantage for every player that’s commented here, but lower lvl players don’t really have the luxury to refine Cd on to much as they lvl up quick and most probably wont even make a 5* titan item below level 100. So they have to manual farm gold etc, at a slower rate; this in turn means less oddessy buffs in the long run. At least a manual gold/wisdom bonus would even the score.
I really don’t get the argument that AP is hard, Cadmus for example doesn’t miss a millisecond in summoning troops through his power, AP heroes never max a morale bar. It’s just high CD and just to be sure put some demo on.

But like we’ve said give manual a x2 speed or give them a res bonus to compensate the time being lost through actually playing the game.

I think you’re grossly overestimating how many players are able to AP successfully.

And people can disagree on what they find dull or interesting. I find playing manual dull, but I’m glad you enjoy it and that the option is there for you.

some questions:
would you have invested time and effort to perfectionise AP if there would not be the speed up bonus?
i mean on the playstyle you have already the bonus not to tap around dully (if i get you right) and can also do something else in that time. some do their work or whatever.
so why is there a bonus of speedup granted?
why dont you like the possibility of a speedup for manual play? it will be even harder and maybe also some more fails when using it. you do not have any drawback if you prefer AP.

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would you have invested time and effort to perfectionise AP if there would not be the speed up bonus?

For sure. It’s how I built heroes before 2x speed was added. I don’t like manual play much.

i mean on the playstyle you have already the bonus not to tap around dully (if i get you right) and can also do something else in that time. some do their work or whatever.
so why is there a bonus of speedup granted?

I think because someone asked for it. It might have been Alysea if I’m remembering correctly.

why dont you like the possibility of a speedup for manual play? it will be even harder and maybe also some more fails when using it. you do not have any drawback if you prefer AP.

I have no objection at all to that, and haven’t said I did object to it. I don’t support a gold/wisdom bonus for manual play.


You obviously havent read the forum. Its too hard, other than Cadmus maybe Ariadne, you need to make your heroes very very powerfull to work. Kudos to anyone that can even try a no fail hero AP.

Show me AP a hard base, with half your heroes, then you can defend your argument that its easy.

The game cant survive without AP for raiding, for the simple reason that everything is the same if you are playing at max level or over a year. It doesnt matter if you raid once a week or 200 a day. The only thing that was worth this dull attack sequence was the GK, and now thats boring too.

Fewer and fewer bases or GK are hard. Outside war, there is nothing interesting in attacks.

And the idea has no real meaning for me, but it wouldn’t matter, so go ahead if its so important for the game.


This makes me think that if AP is truly so dull and easy for all to win with, GKs seriously need to be un-nerfed. They used to be the great firewall against APing a base. Not any more.

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Well the suggestion was about adding something to the game, not taking anything away, many players here are scared to lose their position of power or something! Same with many suggestions, many players can’t adapt to the changes, and can’t see the benefits through fear of losing position to others.
The other part of the argument is why to ever bother fighting with anyone other than Caddy/Helen/Percy/Achilles, these heroes fight very well on AP and can win resources at twice the speed. Why ever use Prom/Arty/Ariadne etc, even if I can win on manual the time needed isn’t viable for gaining gold for high lvl oddessy. So great fun sending Caddy around all the time, but if that’s what the game’s showing me the way, then so be it.

I do believe though that all heroes are unique in their own way. Some are badasses, some are fun to play, some are stress free, some are cheap to build…making the game as it is full of choices. Yes, the GK was the only obstacle to the AP but now you hardly find a good GK out there. If those GK bugs wouldn’t exist then things would have been much different now as shieldless heroes die fast, units don’t focus on the proper towers to destroy and many things like this, making the hero selection limited also that being said, most of us for sure will go after heroes like Cadmus etc to AP (coz that’s the best way to use his unique performance).

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Thats true, some cant adapt to kill GK’s even if dozen posts help them. They rather complain!

Like I said, show me a good base you can completely AP with those 4+ heroes. Back up your arguments, I hardly see you do that anywhere. So lets make the game as you like, just because you say so! We can ditch the conversations, they don’t offer anything anyway.

I’ll adopt to anything. Especially when its easier.

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The sad fact is that, if you play a lot, when you max out your level the game does become a bit dull. Offense is stronger than defense and most bases aren’t a challenge anymore. Having things to build isn’t much, especially when it’s the oddball stuff you need to max out, but it’s better than having nothing to build. And as you’ve found out, you end up being able to AP a lot of bases because you’re higher level than most other players.

My advice would be to start petitioning for new levels and build a little slower next time.

I would not be wanting any new lvls! They were made I think in part to destroy the buggy gear that the top players used to claim they were great when really they were most likely average.

I’m happy with 3 or 4 AP heroes, it’s enough to gain gold quickly, if they don’t incentivise manual play at all that’s fine, was only an idea after all.

Yes the higher levels do mean that winning is inevitable on the islands, the only real thing that separates the players is the time spend actually playing…and for those Caddy, Caddy, Caddy is the game they play!
Credit to the players that bring the lesser heroes to war and win. I only fight when I need gold these days, luckily I can just sit on the islands and pretty much collect all I need.

@Archimides If my thoughts or ideas were that bad why have so many been implemented over the months that I’ve been posting - I can count a few suggestions that have come in to effect for the bettering of the game, that’s a few more than you. You should probably just be quiet or actually bring some truth to the forum, many players I know think it’s really funny you claim GK’s are so easy then have to spend gems to kill them; maybe you are having problems in AP after all…
You did help bring stupidly large cartels to TL though, congrats on your well fought victory!! Let’s gets some more free enhancements through swaps next season, is very fun now.

What ever you say champ!


Couldn’t agree more! Un-nerf the GK is a good way to reward manual play. Especially when the said nerf was about to “fix” something that had always worked as intended.

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I think when you finally refine your Ajax for end of game standard (if there isn’t new lvls by then!) he will prob be unbeatable as a GK. I’d say the current balance feels ok with Gk’s, before they had so much LoH from masteries couldn’t be put down. You can get 6% LoH mastery at 30k fame or thereabouts, that’s a lot of LoH on a 1M health Percy (standard hero, not GK)

In addition the slight nerf of Gk’s was more than compensated by the swapping of huge island buffs now during war…

But going slightly off thread.

Actually it’s not really off thread. You wanted to give some incentive to manual play, I quote:

The huge blessing bonus from wars is a nice move to balance out the GK nerf, but you know better than any one that demolition will make these blessings look like a joke (and demo does nothing against the GK). So ultimately, if you want to give incentive to manual play, then just un-nerf the GK. AP heroes are troops heroes, and to beat the hardest GK you need to arrive to the gate with a horde of well-selected units (and well-selected powers). You can’t just AP a hard base then have a horde of units while using powers designed to beat the hard GK (just try to AP Blöffer you’ll see what I mean). Anyway, out of respect for you the OP of this thread, I won’t pursuit the GK debate.

For me, AP or manual, it’s a question of design (heroes). But it’s also a question of base’s difficulties. Against a weak base/GK I find it dull to have to manually do everything. Against a strong base I don’t need anyone to give me incentive to play manually (and all my 3 war heroes are built for AP). The only thing that really annoys me in manual play is to see my Ajax running around in slow motion (slow movement speed, no Bia, no 2X) :smile:

Edit: if somehow the 2X speed is implemented for manual, then I’d own you a million thanks!


This is a good discussion; we are not really in favour of discriminating against those players who prefer to auto-play, however perhaps a x2 speed manual option is not off the cards in the near future.

Since there are already other obvious advantages to manual play, we would still welcome other ideas which do not directly discriminate against auto-play (by giving more resources, for example), but still make manual more enticing.


Autoplay when you have it easy and Manual play when challenges arrive. I usually autoplay because it is difficult to manual play from phone. I like to Manually place hero then hit autoplay to use powers and choose units. Too many buttons for one finger. Plus, the hero does not listen very well in auto play on my touch screen. I think the incentive is already there when breaking curses. Autoplay 10 times to break curse or defeat 20 islands to break curse. To go beyond that is just giving incentives to different play styles. I can see the incentive of destroying everything with 1 minute left. A time incentive.

I usually manually play the entire base up until the GK and then auto GK and the gate since it’s pure bombardment. The GK fight has to be made more strategic for there to be a reason to manual play that. Can’t wait for 2x manual speed though. That’s going to be fun on the base.

Edit: A dodge function to be able to avoid that GK swing that pushes you back would be cool. It’s that repeated knock back, run up that makes me Autoplay it.