Gold/Wisdom bonus for manual play

If x2 speed can`t be implemented for manual play, then increase the resource rewards by 50%, at least it would be worth spending 1 more minute for 50% extra rewards.

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sorry - I can’t understand, that the 2x (that is a game option) has to do with both manual and ap

150 attacks a day can be done (the map allows it) or you do them in 30 min (with 2x) or in 1h without - as long as you can do them - change the recovery time of the islands.

You answered your own question: it’s the time. Shorter time allows more frequent attacks. That’s why FG didn’t want to implement 4x or 8x mode. Even the 2x mode is not really 2 times faster.

perfect - does this mean that you have to put a maximum number of heels per day? I have a question: does pheme always increase in proportion to the amphorae or has a maximum ceiling been reached? (I lost three months of play) if it reaches a maximum% es at 45k - whoever has 104,000 amphorae does it only to be first in the standings

I wanted to Attacks … not heels

Pheme has a limit, 35k of trophies and that’s the max you can get of it.

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It’s 30K trophies for max Pheme.


you are right, sorry for my wrong citation. you mentioned that you can deselect units - a thing that i was not aware of, so thanks for that info (when i first tested it long time ago it was not possible and either i did not get the patch notes referring to this change or they never published it.)
but why is deselecting units good for? you have to pay to unlock some slots… only thing that comes to my mind is to improove autoplay e.g. if you only want to spam spearmen.
and for what deselecting powers? is it to improove AP or the Ajax GK? just beeing curious.

if you want to nerf AP - just nerf CD and maybe command or maybe remove CD bonus from those AP heros (edit: when in AP mode). but i dont think a nerf is the best way, making manual play and AP beeing worth equally would be fine (for a start :smiley:)

edit: just to be clear: i dont want a nerf like written above, but AP and manual play should be equal when it comes to time/speed up or getting gold/wisdom/items

There are some specific unit setups that don’t require all slots for the given hero given some specific situations, so you might want to deselect units. It’s good to have options. About deselecting powers it’s not for Ajax GK since as GK he only uses Frenzy. Deselecting powers is helpful for, say, when you want ot use AP with Ajax you don’t want him to use Whirwind for … many reasons.

I’ve seen so many different opinions about AP vs. Manual. Many complains about how dumb AP is. Some other opinions make me think that they are contemptuous of AP. Some even suggested removing AP from the game, as if manual is the only true way of playing. For me both modes are tools and have their use. It’d be nice to be able to play faster in manual since it’s the true drawback of manual compare to AP. Otherwise it’s situational, the right tool for the right situation, depending on your purpose. Let’s not forget that Odyssey today can cost up to 18M Gold per adventure. Good luck doing that with 100% manual, even with some bonus. On the other hand, if you want to have a chance to beat Blöffer’s GK, good luck if you AP his base.

You’ve said many times that you find it difficult to play AP. Apologies if you’ve gotten better at it recently.

The point is that most players find AP to be difficult. Heroes do dumb things, cast spells at the wrong time, focus on killing the wrong things instead of the real threats, not prioritizing nyx towers, etc… It’s often very dangerous to run “full AP” because of these flaws. Improved/smarter AP is one of the most popular requests here. It’s because in most ways AP is inferior to manual play. This is by design, and why there has always been a hesitance to make AP smarter. The devs want manual players to have an advantage.

If you think that AP is currently superior to manual play, I’d be willing to hear the argument, but I think most players would disagree, particularly when there are only a few heroes that most players are comfortable playing AP.

Philstar’s argument is that AP is dull. I respect his opinion, but for him there is an easy solution — he can play in manual. No changes need to be made to the game to resolve the complaint of a single player.

Personally, after 3 years of playing, I find manual play to be dull (and raiding in general). It’s a necessary evil, so I do it, but I prefer to play AP for that reason. I also enjoy finding ways to customize my heroes to be successful in AP. I recognize that it’s inferior to manual in most ways, but I enjoy the challenge of finding ways to force the AI to behave even when it doesn’t want to. I’m not asking for any changes to accommodate me, though. I play manual when I need to, even though I find it dull.


here you have said more clearly - what I wrote in a sentence -
woman with sense of haahahahh synthesis

manual play is a skill and a pleasure for the player - the autoplay is the ability to forge -

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even if in these days I have done a long job of forging ./

i guess everything seems to be hard in the beginning. but i still do not try seriously just because it is not my playstyle. if there had been only AP instead of only manual plays in the beginning i doubt that i would play this game now. so it is like stated above: just to different playstyles. i like it to tap around to use powers when they have to be instead of spamming then all the time because of focus mostly on CD. but i admit that when i was on lvl131 max that i also AP farmed with cadmus and also now from time to time i do AP with easy oponents. but mostly i do manual play even with easy oponents - i find i kind of relaxing and watching AP more stressful. i even tap manually after breaking/passing the keypoint of a def.
but maybe the speed up is not relevant if someone finishes faster a raid on manual play because of efficiency. i.d.k. i cannot tell/judge this. how much time do you have left when AP farming mostly? is it close or do you mostly have 1min30s left? i know it depends but maybe you can estimate an average.
i range from 1s to 1min45s, average i would say about 30s to 1min.

i agree that raiding is a necessary evil (well some only sit on islands and collect without even playing) and i cannot do it from morning to evening beside work (and while sleeping ofc), i even cannot connect to the game just to collect.

i dont think that AP is superior to manual play, it just is with the right kind of farm-food-opponents that are mostly on the islands. or am i wrong? do you find 90% of the oponents hard or vice versa?

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those who play manual, forge differently from those who use ap - because the heroes are different - and based on themselves - that’s why the FG has set two different styles (let’s give the right merit)


I don’t find most enemies hard, but I have an excellent account. When I do fail fights, it’s often because I’m using AP and not paying attention. Manual play is superior to AP, so I don’t really understand the logic of rewarding manual play with more resources. If AP is dull, players can choose manual.


the question is if you can gain/farm gold/wisdom/items faster with AP or not. like how many raids can be won per hour on AP (speed up) vs manual play (efficiency?). thats all and maybe only the devs can answer this. ( edit: or is e.g. a massive CD forge built on some heros always better than manual efficiency)

I would imagine it’s a very small minority of players who can beat the majority of the players on their map with AP, particularly with how popular heroes like Hercules and Perseus are, who don’t naturally excel in AP.

The game generally gets dull when you’re max level and have forged to the point that few defenses are a challenge. I’ve been there before and I understand it. Most players aren’t in that position though.

Perseus is from ap … we are not joking now …

good war to all

AP is dull and you might as well be washing dishes, you honestly don’t need to watch after you press the fight button and x2…For Caddy and Helen once you’ve got CD 70% + which isnt hard to figure out you can just farm trophies quickly and gold at twice the speed. It is an advantage for every player that’s commented here, but lower lvl players don’t really have the luxury to refine Cd on to much as they lvl up quick and most probably wont even make a 5* titan item below level 100. So they have to manual farm gold etc, at a slower rate; this in turn means less oddessy buffs in the long run. At least a manual gold/wisdom bonus would even the score.
I really don’t get the argument that AP is hard, Cadmus for example doesn’t miss a millisecond in summoning troops through his power, AP heroes never max a morale bar. It’s just high CD and just to be sure put some demo on.

But like we’ve said give manual a x2 speed or give them a res bonus to compensate the time being lost through actually playing the game.

I think you’re grossly overestimating how many players are able to AP successfully.

And people can disagree on what they find dull or interesting. I find playing manual dull, but I’m glad you enjoy it and that the option is there for you.