Looking to get alliance going again. Level 16 with 3 members in now. 2 at 500k and the other is 250k. We have 15 fiefdoms from when we were going before. We are running boosted archers and knights right now, but with more people and donations coming in it of course will get better. We also have 19 million in the bank as of this post. So, if you want to get in on the ground floor and help build an alliance up, come on in.

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Update. We are up to 13 members. Looking for more! Treasury is at about 9 million, but the 3 boosts have 3 days on on them.

do you have storm canon?

No, not yet. We need more players in alliance before we can upgrade.

you set up the plan to upgrade your ally yet? How long it might take?

Hey mate. We lost a few of our guys recently and have a fair bit of room spare. Would you maybe consider a merge of our two alliances?

The Last Titans is our alliance

Only if you are willing to come here. I’ve had offers already for us to go to another alliance. I am also the leader account, and have put too many gems into this alliance recently to let it go.

And because we run boosted knights, archers and barricades we can only take 50k donayers and higher. We have about 3 days on the boosts and about 9 million in the treasury. I want to get mostly full before upgrading, but I would like to upgrade soon.

Okay mate. Understood. I’ve mentioned it to our guys but doubt people will move.

I’ve invited some already. You have your invite off, but we have open alliance. You’re welcome to join if you want.

Message me in game at

The Fresh One. I have an alliance you ALL can merge with. Alliance level 36

Sorry. I’m not looking to go to another alliance. I recently put 20 million in the treasury. Although it is down to 9 million. :slight_smile: I appreciate the offer though.

Potraider thanks for invites. I have quit our alliance and requested to join. I think a few others may move across too. Clearly there isn’t room for everyone but if you accept any of us over 2,000 then you should get the good, active players.


Update. We now have 16 members and are going to easily win 1st place this war. Still looking for dedicated members that are TREAM players. That means the alliance may not attack in war for strategic reasons and members will be ok with it. 100k daily donations minimum. We run boosted knights, archers and barricades always. We have a over 2 days on all 3 and average 9 million in the treasury. When we have enough members we will upgrade.


Update. We are now level 21 and run boosted knights, archers, barricades and range bombers. When it’s feasible,we will run cannons also. If needed, we will activate them for war. We have almost $28 million in the treasury. Looking for 3 new members. 100k minimum, but of course higher is better.

We just won our 3rd 1st place in war. We have 5 spots open right now. 150k minimum donation. Had to kick some non donaters. Donating every day is a must, and war participation is a must also. We have a chat group in the app Line also. If you’re interested, just apply.

I just done 3 wars with these lot before returning to my home alliance. A great lot of players male and female, Nice mix level wise too, very talkative bunch and friendly with players saying hello to you personally as soon as you log on, very dominant in wars with tactics thought out with players getting their say in (like myself), they are helpful with advice and base making as well. No reason at all for you not to join!