Golden Caduceus unique item


I got some quite strange unique item after an update which is called Golden Caduceus. It gives extra gold and wisdom after an attack. I’m on 132 ascension but amount of the bonus by unique item is kind of joke for me. Is it really supposed to be that small? If so it is kind of useless.

Also I’m a bit surprised about this item because there was no announcement of it in the release notes.

It could be awesome if it do something useful that corresponds to its name, like spelling Asclepius automatically, but it is not unfortunately.


I think this unique is quite a nice/different addition. It is actually well thought, because it doesn’t change much to affect an OP position in raiding. You have to give up a ring (usually AP heroes need CD or demo), and you get that amount of cash/wisdom. It might not seem much (forget the cash), but for heavy attackers, that do 200 raids a day, this would be more than 40k wisdom per day.

That’s a really helpful resource, at a game point, were wisdom is the most important resource (more than cash/ambrosia/gems). You start refining and do max Odysseys, even after all the upgrades, it is still scarce in a sense you can’t get enough of it.

If you manage to setup your raid heroes, to work perfectly with it, its a good choice. Now with the GK being massively easier, it’s actually not a bad plan. And I assume that the wisdom at level 150, can be closer to 240-250 per raid.

This is quite isoteric, 200 raids a day would take 8-10 hours of non-stop play. I bet it is less than 0.1% of such players in the game.

Also it seems even you agree that gold bonus is a joke, means this item is only half useful.


45k wisdom is huge, and near max. Yes, not a lot of them raid like that, and also not a lot of players can equip this item and raid anyway. Giving out a bigger payout, would be however too much OP for those who raid so much.

Yes, gold generated in 200 raids from that item, can be achieved with 3 95% raids at high level, maybe 4 on lower level. I can tell you, it wouldn’t matter even if they made that x10 more… it doesn’t really matter to most heavy raiders, and giving this opportunity to the rest, would probably make it worst.

That’s why I think the numbers are correct… I am not saying it’s a good unique or not. But I like to have options. If I am near missing my last Odyssey, I will damn well equip that item and raid like crazy for 1 hour to get some wisdom to finish my Odyssey… or a forge, or a structure. It is useful, but it can’t be anymore powerful.

If you do make it more powerful, it will be too much for those heavy raiders… some call them Elite. I personally wouldn’t mind, so my comments were trying to be objective to it.


I’ve always had a problem basing items off the smallest percentage of people because then it might be overpowered. Well too damn bad. Let’s think about the largest portion of the player base. Will the item be useful to the masses? If not then get rid of it. I’m not saying this item isn’t useful. I don’t have it and haven’t really looked closely at the numbers yet, but at first glance, it isn’t worth giving up the attack stats for the small return. A real shame.


Also … we’re talking about video games running on a server process … you can ‘cheat’ and pull some behind the curtain magic.

So if you’re reducing the usefulness of something by 80% ( because I feel 1,000 wisdom is closer to being useful) - for 95% of the players, because 2% would take it to the Nth degree … then just artificially limit (ie prevent) the Nth degree! For example - the bonus is only applied to the first 50 battles each day. Another option - stagger it. It provides it’s full bonus for the first 20 battles and then 50% bonus for the following 20 battles ( and 25% for the 20 after that … etc etc)


You’re not forced to use it, though. I think the values are probably on the low side, too, but it’s an interesting niche item.

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I agree. It’s just a shame it seems to have a very limited player base use. Maybe I’ll use it (if I ever find it) when I’m maxed out :joy:

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I love the idea of casting Asclepius automatically. If only this unique can do this😂

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Casting Asclepius wouldn’t make sense, unless it was the Rod of Asclepius (very often confused with the Caduceus).

Please continue bringing the feedback, as always we are open to change.

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Hi Archimides :wave::wave::wave:

It’s unique item not for me :smile:
So we have only two new unique items?

Doing lots of rides requires huge amount of ambrosia and lots of logistic, I think that giving ambrosia bonus instead of gold would make much more sense for this unique item.



I think I can use it with Helen, during war time, that’s my raid hero those days. And during war, when I can’t raid much, extra wisdom is helpful. It will be harder though and I wish it was easier to remember to switch setups… I always attack with wrong setups…

CM said there are 3 uniques… I am guessing the 3rd is either rare, or just not found yet.

@Ch5 I completely agree, ambrosia instead of gold would be much better, and I dont think it will be much OP, it just gives a chance for raiders to raid more. And before anyone says, that’s a problem, let me point out that with 90 gems you can fill your ambrosia and start raiding… I assume that’s what most heavy raiders do anyway…

It’s good idea, use it with Helen. Maybe it will work :grinning:

I don’t have it yet, lol. But that’s a plan I can think of. Unfortunately, I can’t use it with anyone else, perhaps a Hercules built would do, but I stopped using him since last summer. It’s possible Ariadne can too, but she lacks resist/damage and I would not sacrifice that in her case.

Like I always say, I like the options. If anyone can use it, with any hero, that’s a great tool to have. Kudos!

That’s now my most wanted item! If I have it I’ll make a special build for Ariadne to use it on not-too-hard bases (which are 90% of the times). However, does anyone know if the bonus amount is per battle or per chest opened in the vault of Hephaetus?

Can those resource bonus perks be found in a cursed item?

They are per battle as reported so far. It doesn’t make sense to have any other variables.

The hero stats page, has not change, therefore I don’t believe you have find it in a cursed perk. That would also immediately be OP, because then I can avoid CD slots, and put it on Cadmus (or other hero AP) and raid all the time more resources.

Once again, an other aspect of why this was thought well…

Per battle is totally OK for the amount, otherwise it’d be OP, I agree. However, I think that the “per chest” isn’t totally nonsense (ignore the amount now) since it gives motivation to 100% despite losing a ring.

When I looked at the hero stats page after the update, I was a bit too quickly to conclude “no new perks”. I don’t see why the hero stats page give any indication about “only the Caduceus and not cursed items”, you have to wear the item anyway.

That we agree! If the perks can only be found on the Caduceus and it’s per battle :slightly_smiling_face:.

No. These Perks are exclusive to the new Unique Items.

I just got this bullshit from a cursed unique chest. Have to say I was really really sad
It’s literally the most useless unique out of all