We are an active team and search new and active members



Alliance lvl 67

Gold bonus: 48%+

Maximum daily donations: 58M

Alliance headquarters lvl8 ( conquest )

Phoebe beast lvl 2, we work to get it to lvl3 

Permanent boosts: monk, ogre, wolf, cannons, knights, mass hysterya pro bost (lvl4 usually)

We unlock all pro league boosts each pro cup

We usually get the conquest boosts  + the rewards ( 3rd tier -  seasoned explorers tier )

During wars and conquest we can activate more boosts depending on the result of the event and the needs of our members

Requirements to join us:

hero lvl 100+

Alliance tower lvl 11+ ( min 500k donation)

Daily gold and conquest resources donation

You need to be an active player and participate in wars, ninja and conquest events, if you have personal problems and you cant participate an event inform the team  on main chat or pm to a general

You need to usually pay attention to the chat/sticky notes especially during conquest event

You need to like to play rr2 because we like it very much! :slight_smile:  

Those are the min requirements for new players, but we can have some exceptions if a player is indeed an awesome player!



You ask too much for such a level. This goes to top 110 alliances. Your demands are higher. Still, that’s your wish. Good Luck.

Right now we rank 176, we usually rank 140 - 150, but lately some of our members quit playing, we have 5 free slots, once we will fill those we will rank better.

Wars at this lvl are not easy, players below lvl100 usually have difficulties in getting decent results/skulls during wars and conquest, obviously there are always some exceptions.We have few players below those requirements, old and loyal players, we will grow together! We are a strong team and we aim to become stronger and better

The boosts, the stronghold buildings and the next alliance lvls are not  very cheap, we try to use half of the gold to run the boosts and the other half  to lvl up the alliance and the stronghold, we also intend to add new boosts once our donations will increase, 500k donation its not much! 

Those are the min req for new players, but we can have some exceptions from those req if a player is indeed an awesome player! Everyone must have a chance to grow and become better!

But bro, please understand. 500K  Donation suits only alliances at top 130. I am in HamburgStars now which ranks 110+ mostly. I am now at level 92 with 250k donations and they have no problem to keep me. I can easily gain 3500+ skulls in every war without using a skull gear. If used, it will be more than 4000, I bet.

500K donation is easily obtainable, even for free players, just by completing dungeons and more so if you upgrade during alliance tower events.  

we now rank 150 my friend and we still have 2 free places, our generals did a great job and we are almost full, the minimum requirements are not set by the rank on the global leaderboard, the rank dont really matter to us, all that matter is our results as a team and the quality of our members

I know you joined HamburgStars  and i also know that you are a good and active player, Im sure you are a great raider too but when you fight against lvl80 teams its pretty hard. We also know your team, its a good and nice team, we fought against and defeated them 2 times during the “raider rampage” war season…



You know, my team. Never. You will never understand them. They think for long. They lose for their benefit. If we already have a boost why should we waste our resources to get another? We can gain 200k skulls anytime in the wars. But, this time, we fought for Rank 3 and not Rank 1. We are being told, we have to lose both wars and must not fight. We are the most active team in the game. And if you won, that is your chance. No one can defeat us. We have the most active and the most perfect leader in the game, Kenzo. And, under her leadership, we are growing to top.

As I said before, you have a nice and good team there, I only told you what happened when you team meet us! we dont ask our members to lose, we always ask them to give their best! No doubt that Kenzo, your generals and  most of your players are really great players!

Archers and spikes added as permanent boost