Good Bye RR2

Who’s ready to retire soon. or have plan to retire from this ‘dirty+f-up’ game? Fed up w/ cheaters unbanned at large still kicking, and Flare weak security system, I’m prepared to resign from this game. Now who’s w/ me?

Agree, iam close to quite, cuz every day see a lot of low lvl beat my base (cheaters?), flare nothing do here, about 2 months no bugs fix… Spells bug.

Btw, why we post here, no admin to listen to us lol

Lets face it guys, the game has seen its day, even Flare don’t seem to want to comment on it now, its sad, so much potential and so little attention paid to its customers.

off topic section. just channeling our anger here.

Might as well give the game to gameloft they do it so much better

I agree with your frustrations, but I don’t see myself quitting. I try not to care about other players and just have fun raiding, improving myself and upgrading stuff. But then again, I’m not a top level player who fights for his rank or cares about his trophies. The only really frustrating thing on my part is the swordrain bug, but I’m getting used to it I guess. Now I’m more surprised if all the arblasters are killed than if they stay alive.

I’m certainly finding that I’m not really playing the game much, just doing enough to turn on a boost or two for my allies. The main issues I have are the cost of upgrading anything and the time those upgrades take. The cheapest upgrade is 2 Mil with most much more. Also finding the time it takes to level up to be a pain.


Most of my allies have given up on alliance wars as there’s no chance of winning against overly strong competition and my most loyal general has gone inactive.


I have spent as much on RR2 as I would on an XBOX game (more really as there are plenty of 2nd hand titles to buy) so I don’t see myself spending any more. 

The way i see it, is that Flare pays less and less attention to the veterans of this game (who many of them have an active forum account) and instead prefers to attract new users with heavy marketing, milk them for a while and then find some new ones to replace them.


most of the veterans are not that profitable for Flare anymore. We are difficult to manage, well aware of game mechanics so we criticize a lot when shit happens(and they do happen a lot), and we also don’t spend as much as we used to, especially compared to other engaged middle level players. At our levels it’s easy to farm free gems, without even worrying about over-spending them. Contrary, low and Middle level engaged players will instead spend real money heavily to get there where we are now…


But regarding those ambitious middle level users… I feel sorry for the surprise that awaits for them: A developer that is not there to listen and support them. In this game loyalty is punished, and as long as you become strong enough to maintain a free-to-play competitive status, you are not welcome anymore.


Will I quit? not yet, but definitely will not continue to play for ever under those conditions. I’m sure Flare will have a small champagne party when i leave this game, so for the moment I’m still here to prevent it from happening  :wink:

Well, I am in the same boat as many of you are. I am playing only during the wars. More than 2 months with the bugs and Flare does not care much. So why do we encourage them when they don’t understand customer frustration/issues. I started playing new game.



Umm, being new player and all I checked out the forums and ended up thinking, is this game worth my time, is this game worth the time to, without paying, get somewhere or is this just the usual freemium bullcrap?