Good bye RR2

Hi FG.

You seem to think that the people giving comments here or on FB are not worth being listen to. You might be right. Maybe we are too few and maybe the way you go is the right way to go.


In our alliance Petite Alliance, there is no single general who still have fun in the game. The only thing that keeps us in game is the chat and the related Messenger group. We all want to quit this game, but yet we stay for the social aspect and the good in game friends.

No need to develop here: Alliance wars are so pointless.  Alliances don’t fight them any more. Rewards are not worth the effort and are always the same. The only focus is to not gain too many fiefdoms because it will make it harder for the future to win a war that nobody want to win. The strategy consists in putting 6 towers near the gate so no-one will attack you. Building a defense is pointless.

Ninjas are just same routine always. Make sure to raid without troops to avoid killing the gate too soon is the only point.

PL would be fun if we would not see the top list full of players level 25.

Etc etc etc. Read the forum.

We reached the ally max level, everything in game is max, we should now aim for our player max level and keep doing the only thing left: collect pearls and forge.

And then what? What will happen when everything will be maxed? Sadly we know you too well. A new tower, a new unit, a new spell maybe, numbers of balance changes in case we would be late with something, and of course new levels for everything…

Every month is more borring than the previous one. No-one want to be active general. No-one want to take the alliance lead. We just stay together as game friends hopping for better future.

That’s too much for me. I would have been more than happy to buy several big gems packages per month as I did when you were trying to keep this game active with new features. I wish you all the best but really, with old players leaving and new players having no chance to reach a decent level in years, I don’t see how.

I have been playing this game since the begining almost. Now I can tell that if all the old players would post their name on this forum when they quit the game, you would have a hell of a long list.

Good luck to all my friends in game, long life to Petite Alliance and good bye Flare Games.




Did you delete the game and account? Maybe overwrite so that you never come back. JOKING!  :lol:

Who care about yoir post? Its just a game. Good bye, no need drama if you dnt like to play


ypur alliance need new blood, thats all. You play 3!! Years in one game, for sure you are boring. And its not f**ing secret many of old are boring. But game is amazing. Its just we tired to play

This game only need stability, not the problems we suffering lately…  

Now, mortars don’t attack howl.  Big advantage for ally with howl lev 10 in def and waves full mortars.

With disconnection problems, very annoying to play.

Think people has the right to a game with the essential things.

Now  pro league : week after week the same persons in top 5 : are we that bad fighters  that the others don’t even come nearby their scores.  But they win every month 250€. 

Flare is giving not the intention doing much to this situation.

For example : they could publish the raids of top 5 after each pro league.  If flare can’t manage to detect eventually cheating, other players can do.

Think you agree a game with less cheating would be better for all of us

@cr1 spends very much time commenting things he don’t care about ?


May be you are right, may be not

i dnt care who will win Pro

o dnt care about mortars and wolfes( even 10 level wolf easy die via mobks) and etc

You might be joking, but you are right, I already quit and came back, and I am not the only one ?

Why not to comment same posts? I helping you to make drama

Je team heeft geen verbindingsproblemen. Leuk. Ik heb soms de verbinding verbroken voordat ik verbinding kreeg. now i have to spent 2x more time to play for the same.  Double joy ?

Anything else that you don’t care about? Please say it, everyone want to know what @cr1 dont care about. This is so interesting. ?

No problem, my funny opponent.

i dnt care about players like you( waste), i dnt care about low and middle alliances which have no balls to fight.

i dnt care about dramamakers, which making farewell posts( who care about players who leave?)z

i dbt care about guys which thinking none can answer for them and none can criticize them. And many others i dnt care

Is it enought for you?

goodbye noname! we will miss you (no)

Hahaha ?

Is this all really? 

I like to eat my entrecote medium rare. Can you write half a page about that? And I don’t like bearnaise sauce unless it’s made on champagne. I really hope you don’t care, so that you will answer that ?

You funny guy who like to talk about waste ?

Come on, I am lying on the sofa and you listen, or we switch if you want?  

As I said, the game sucks but the social aspect in RR2 is amazing. I never have a chance to meet kids like you in the real life ???

I answer you in German. U can use Google translater if u want ?. 1) Schade zu hören das du aufhören möchtest kann dich aber verstehen. Kriegs Season sind aktuell langweilig, immer daß selben. Alle kämpfen für Pyro Boost und Froster baut man Felder ab. Mehr Abwechslung wäre nicht schlecht. Zb mal Insta Knights oder Archer als Gewinn. Andere Boost anstatt nur Pyro /Froster.( 2 ) Ninja event finde ich hingegen sehr gut gelöst. Weist du noch wie am Anfang war? ( 3 ) Pro Liga ist hingegen ist aktuell komplett für denn Arsch. Ich als F2P Spieler bekomme nur 1 Ticket im Monat. Was soll ich da ausrichten ?. Ja leider gibt es Hacker und die wird es immer geben. Meldet die spiele da kümmert sich flaregames. Was mich nervt sind die Multi Accounts bei der Pro Liga.  (3) Das wird so eintreten. Neue Level für helden 140-150 + neue Level für Zauber / Türme / Einheiten usw. Bin kein Fan davon aber die schuld Liegt teilweise bei den Top Allianzen weil sie ja dann nix zu tun haben. So geben sie Geld aus und flare verdient Geld 

I think that is funny… but very true.  

Why? I can beat with 100% bases with 6 or more towers. Its not too hard, usual thing in the top war.

??you even more funny.

you was nothing in this game and you will leave same nothing)

good luck)

You’re a tough guy, but modest and humble. 

  1. ???every top war is about 100% against every base.

or with 6 towers near gates or not.

i cant say i love it, bit hundreds players in the game can do it( beat every base with 100%)

so its not unreal


  1. i dnt see big difference between me or another long  play guy.

we have same forged troops and spells.

i use wok, its mean we have same level of boosts.

we have same items. 


So its not about top or not top. Its about do you like to win 100% or you think you need destroy gate only)