good bye SK UNITED REALMS best ever alliance in the world

Been honored to play with all of u gys, its a sad day :slightly_frowning_face:

Thx masteraE for opening this great alliance.

Been there from the start in good and bad we was stronk toghther.

I remember when we was NO 1, roaring lions was our baby, VG was our top enemy, that was good old days… :slight_smile:

“thx” flare for destroying every thing with this pay to win war policy.

:heart: u all.

-Spend gems to scroll

-Spend gems to get more skulls in chamber of fortune

-Spend gems to reroll on blacksmith casino until you get skull bonus perk!


What pay to win policy? :huh:


RIP, very very sad to see thé top alliance go. No matter what, in my memory SK will always be the first great alliance and the greatest one in RR2 history. Maybe it will return one day.

Hi Spartecus,


It is so sad to see such an old alliance to be destroyed, although I got the reason.

For us (old players) it is harder and harder to find challanges and Flare’s P2W thinking went so far…

Although I see some positive changes with Aether’s arrival, so I am still here crossing my fingers. :slight_smile:


Go and take a rest,

R.I.P. SK family…

Hey, don’t give up on all the fun in this game!

Clans and alliances come and go.


Whoever is tired from the grinding and wants to continue playing this game for pure fun and entertainment among friends, is invited to join the Genie and Master team.

You won’t regret.

Hey, don’t give up on all the fun in this game!

Clans and alliances come and go.


Whoever is tired from the grinding and wants to continue playing this game for pure fun and entertainment among friends, is invited to join the Genie and Master team.

You won’t regret.

It is indeed sad that your wonderful team is falling apart. You must think that SK United Realms will always stay in our memory, a top team that was important for all of us. Your team has achieved things, that most of us can only dream of.


Very sad, the game will never be the same without SK United realms. Wish all of you good luck and the best.

Remember that a goodbye doesn’t need to mean farewell.


I hope flare starts to realize that all those recent pay 2 win methods is part of the reason why these horrible things happen. I don’t know how much cash average top players are spending per month, but I guess it’s a lot. It’s not done to let customers bleed cash, just for winning war seasons. It’s a game, they need to be fun, not cash-cows.

oh no i hate this

What will happen to SK members? I hope there will be no people quitting the game and you’ll all find your place in a new alliance? Where will you go Spartecus? and where will MasterE go? Really sad as well to see you guys breaking a part. We had fun fighting with you, and now, some of the competitive magic this game has is gone…


My ultimate respect for your amazing team and players. You guys are legends! and don’t forget that legends should not die!

This is a historical moment in RR2, so sad…

I’ll repeat what Ed said, if any of them wants to keep the fun of the game, without stress, without bleeding cash, with partnership and great people. Join G&M!

Never spoke to any of you but always saw you in the top 10 no matter what. Must be hard knowing all the money spent was for nothing in the end. I hope Flare sorts something out before others join suit though Vanguard Legion seem to be killing it nowadays. To many ins and outs regarding being at the top but, not nice to you leave.

Genie and Master member


Farewell SK.  I’ll try to remember what you were, not what you became.

I’m assuming you wasn’t a long term member of SK?

He is the leader of R lions, was our alli when we was un beaten aliiies SK/APOC/RL.

Yer I didn’t really like when the 3 top teams allied against others but o well. Things happen and one has fallen. The question is who is next?

The game (as we knew it) is next!!


Some very strong kings who can scroll free many bases can now no longer get into a top alliance, while other who are willing to scroll heavily to win and spend gems will remain in them … why? Skull bonus and gems to open chests is now paramount, ability to play is trumped by ability to pay, now more so than ever!!


The game of chance that is the blacksmith is has made this even worse, you can spin several thousand pearls worth of spins before you get a skull boost item, not many people have several thousand pearls to spin with, and that is for only one item, you will have to spin several thousand more pearls to boost it higher. Top alliances will expect you to have at least two, probably three skull boosts in use during a war, instead of a 500k or 750k donation the norm to enter at the top will be >10% skull boost.


Then you have the Chamber of fortune, those skulls need to be bought, and even then often enough the game crashes when you complete your raid just before you go to the chamber, that’s potentially 100 skulls lost, that’s a huge loss in war!


The game is backing itself into a corner, with war boosts only available to the top 3 alliances on the top map, but many many alliances at a lower level on lower maps can earn them facing far easier opposition. Maybe war maps should be decided on who has boosts, with the boosts being so important as opposed to who has fiefs, or what ever weird combination of factors FG use to decide the maps! 


We have seen the demise of arguably one of the best alliances in the game, it won’t be the last to fall I am sure, the model that we can now see has at best the ability to support two Uber alliances who have one strong ally each, even then one of them will always lose out on a strong map. These two uber alliances will only recruit the p(l)ayers described above, very soon you will see a division so vast that it cannot be breached by any new up and coming alliance … this scenario has been obvious for many months, hence many good strong kings have left and will continue to leave the game.