Good enough weapon for blacksmith?



I am pretty new to the game (lvl 60) and looking forward to building my blacksmith. Before I start pumping in pearls in my items I would like to check if they are worth it. 


Currently I am handling a Heavy sword. 197 damage + 132 blunt damage, yellow flag states 78. I already sold an equil weapon with poison damage because I noticed all towers and nearly all units have poison resistance.


Is this sword good enough or should I wait with upgrading untill I found something better?


Thanks for the advice!

i dunno about your level may be you should wait till level 80+ :slight_smile:

I wished haxer didnt say that, but now that he did im forced to agree with him

Hehe, I understand. I am still a Noob and I know it :grinning:


Thanks anyways! :slight_smile:

give me your ign then I’ll tell you if you’re a noob or not :slight_smile:

I think it will be better to buy from granny than upgrading. Im lvl 92 and the granny still has better offers than i would get by upgrading at the blacksmith.

What matters most is how soon you will buy yourself a new sword. If you are not going to buy a new sword for 15+ king levels, then there is absolutely no reason not to turn it into an uber item.

My advice is to build the blacksmith and use it solely to melt gears for now until you are at least level 95 where it will be worth it to upgrade gears as they are not replaced as often anymore

Atlas can I get a noob check… Ign: ateam4. Lawl!!

At least level 103 :wink:

PS: This is related to Fii’s advice, I missed the quote, sry

Well it took me more than a month for one level since level 97 lol

I upgraded my boots (speed 21.4% to 22%+perk) which I think I ll be using for a few weeks atleast.

Guys what is the highest lvl of wind boots available or what is considered OK at higher lvls? I’m at lvl 80.

im sorry to say but you are a noob :slightly_frowning_face:

The great atlas has spoken!


I have 28.9 speed boots after smith update

Upgrade it… From what I have seen i am getting frequent pearls from chests , cof, and item meltdown… I am not short of pearls and I am a free player