Good Guy Matchmaking

So how can i, lvl 36 ascension player with 2200 trophies (earned sweating like crazy), be paired up to lvl 47 rivals with 1600 trophies?

I have almost no chance of victory, even using invocations… And even if i did, 16 gems are worth +3 trophies? Noooot…

Every new opponent is the same… The spawn rate is too slow, and they give me undefeatable players… 

Meanwhile i cant farm resources… Sigh… 

Only 1thing to do i gues… Wait

The level gaps in the higher levels are even bigger ?

But yes - I agree these are difficult fights and matchmaking still needs a little tweaking 


The levels also take a lot more building upgrades to level thus having more towers upgraded. I get unboosted level 75 and up that I won’t go in with some heroes. They just seem so much tougher now. Opponents defiantly feel harder to beat. Just needs adjusting on the match making system. I like the islands. But what if you could give a player 5 or 10 cups after 24 hours to leave your island and get a new opponent match up?

I’m in the same boat Vorterix. I can’t fight anyone on my map and I keep losing more trophies than I can win…

I agree 100%.  This game was fun until I got to ascension level 32, but now I’m surrounded by bases that are all level 40+.  The matchmaking is not just a little bit broken, it is completely broken, and the game has become unplayable.  If it doesn’t get fixed soon, I’m probably going to stop playing.  I can’t really do anything in the game right now so basically there isn’t a game to play any more.  

According to Aether, in a few days things should be better… Once everybody get to their normal trophie amount according to their level.

I certainly hope so, its been 3 days now and i cant farm gold to get upgrades… 

So lets just wait and see. Agent Smith made a terrible mess here, and Neo is fighting for us ?? 

Im lvl 50, and all opponents are boosted and unbeatable.

Ok for Detri all are easy, but i dont use 10+ gems for a single fight, basic gameplay  :slight_smile:  Remove those gempowers ! Weaken boosts !  Maybe then there is a game to play.

Increase the spawnrate for enemys. So many of us habe no targets they can beat.

If u beat all, you get new enemys after 2 min, if not after 8 hours?

olympus boring

I actually rarely use invocations - Helen and Cadmus can take care of themselves quite well ?

Also is anyone actually seeing lower levels on their map like update said? I haven’t but just curious

As im loosing trophies, lower ascension opponents slowly appear… 

Im even loosing some more by my own, attacking those +11 i have on the map… Getting 2 keys and some gold since getting 3 keys is imposible sometimes

To speed things up ?.. call me crazy ? 

The way I see it, if we are all taking cups from players higher than us, then a lower ascension level players take them from us and so on and so on, the cups will filter back to all the lower players again.

Hard to get cups from defence it still seems. Losing 10 to 40 cups a time, often recieving no gems. Lucky if I can make half back at the rate I can make attacks. Often gemming to beat a base cause I can’t send my strongest heroes everywhere due to low ambrosia.

No one wants to attack a difficult base whose far lower in ranking. 


I Cant Agree with you rain the Higher levels are almost all huge  spenders (talking about those who are already 65+) which have blessings on ,Unlocked already HYdras,Griffins, 5 Blessings on and usually have all defenses like 5 levels above than level 50 for example make it almost impossible to defeat . Dont you see the top 10 people they are all 70-100 level who spends more gems=higher level= have a better chance to keep them at home . Try to see it from the other side . Try to attack a player 15 levels above its almost impossible not to use atleast 2-3 invocations .Then you earn maybe 10 trophies but you lose it imeditally because a few high level players crush your defense like slice through the bar of butter. Theres a lot more benefits being a high level than being a low one.So stop seeing things just from your perspective :slight_smile:                     Sorry for bad english .

I had one lvl 43 enemy with 3 k trophies ( myself lvl 50 ~2500T, 7k D), but i still get lvl 65 with boosted warriors i could not beat, even with invocations on CD. 


Yes eSproo there should be more benefits for higher level players to easily climb up the rankings than a lower player, especially if they’re are in a clan that has a lot of boosts. Costs a lot of real money to keep those boosts going so the clan and individual players do well. 

And actually if you look at top 10 now at least 3 if not 4 players are only in the mid 30s levels. I didn’t notice them there earlier.

And it can’t be that tough to beat bases or not lose cups because I’m still not winning cups on defence. Neither do I lose on attack, but the bases do seem a lot tougher than a few days ago.

I do think that there should be an option to switch the current opponent on an island because yes lots of player aren’t worth attacking. Maybe give that person 5 cups to cycle in a new player, not sure what’s a fair costs though (cups, gems or gold).

And the way the current match making system is, all the cups filter back to the lower level players, as it’s almost impossible for players to ever get cups back from lower players as we never see them in our match ups. Unless for some reason their attack goes horribly wrong and they spit cups back up to a higher player, not likely it seems yet. That’s how I see it working anyway.

I’m level 61 or 62 and Wayward is really tough opponent, lucky the boosts were gone when I decided to attack him. Photos below only a few hour apart and taken this morning. Pretty sure his clan has the boosts going 24/7

now thats a nice picture of the divine blessing bug that dissapear a lot even if they are active!!

I’m sure that’s why I lose 40 cups all of a sudden and gain no gems. Happened a couple times today. Sometimes I lose 10 cups and get like 14 or so gems. Tougher people steal less cups and are less likely to use invocations. This seems the opposite sometimes.

Your base is really tough to CrAzYCMM. Try to catch you without boost too hehe (my bad). Random though sometimes they don’t disappear either.

thank you,no problem BloodRaiNZ, they still need to fix a lot of things before it runs smoothly

Not buying gems so losing all my best isles to fully boosted players 10-15 lvls higher. Not sure i care:)


if you spend a $1000 dollars or nothing on this game it doesnt matter anything there is no difference!

Yeah, but when i fleeted my good isles i atleast got to play a farming game:)