Good ideas, horrible execution

It’s been awhile since the update has been in effect, and I thought you could use some veteran feedback. I’ve been playing for probably over a year or so now, and I’m very much considering ending my account. You’re new “war system” has effectively made odyssey useless, destroyed numerous alliances, and made people jump on bandwagons to obtain blessings. Have a 10-20% enhancement on a structure took over a year to get using odyssey, and now you can get that same percentage (and much more) from a season in a top alliance. Absolutely ridiculous! I have seen players with a 51% Charon war enhancement… 51%!!! Just for being in an alliance that won those islands. Nobody in the winning alliances are going to complain as they reap all the benefits from this clearly lopsided problem, but you guys are killing the game. Why does every island have enhancement opportunities? Why are those percentages so high?
My alliance for the last year died in one season because we moved up to king league and we lost islands… players understand if you lose islands, you will no longer be competitive.
Rather than having ridiculous percentages for enhancements, try gems or small percentages for defensive structures only.
Thanks for destroying a good alliance, and thanks for making my decision to exit the game this much easier.


You raise some valid points… maybe they should have been to use for that war. Or maybe smaller buffs from war.

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Good point, having war only enhancements would be ok, but still the extraordinary percentages ruin the competitiveness of the game… doesn’t take much strategy when you have 20-50% increases on key towers and units. I’m losing matches to people with significantly lower trophy counts and garbage layouts because they have ridiculously high war enhancements. What makes it worse is you can’t tell who has what enhancements like you can from odyssey (fame score/frame). So you attack someone thinking they’re weaker than they truly are… Such a horrible system… game went from strategy to political so quick… now upper leagues are using politics to dictate wars versus strategy.


All the war buffs zero out in less than 2 weeks.

It doesn’t matter if they last two weeks or two days, when your constantly getting crazy percentage enhancements, they’re gonna slam anyone who tries to breach

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I think there are good ideas in this thread. I agree that the execution isn’t perfect (I wouldn’t call it horrible at all.)

It would be amazing to see what buffs an alliance has earned, both to size up your opponent and as a recruiting tool.

The perk values are pretty high, especially in Duel where they just seem supercharged and in confrontation where it’s very likely a team can reach the high skull islands. It would make sense to review how strong they are.

I also realize that odyssey buff mimics were probably the fastest buff they could apply to the war bonuses, but i agree that it does cheapen odyssey a tad. It would be cool if they were different kinds of equally cool buffs.


i m also don’t like this war buffs

There is no reason the percentages are so high for enhancements through war. It would have made much more sense to give free divine blessing extensions or gems… rather than crazy enhancement percentages. Someone relatively new to the game can join an alliance that wins the islands and they can reap all the benefits purely by membership. It is making the strong even stronger… like what’s the point of even trying to compete with a 50% enhancement bonus? I’m telling you I’ve personally seen people with these percentages (solely from war enhancements)… this is ridiculously OP… more so than the GK LOH strategy.

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Again, I think the thought behind it is that they’re strong but temporary buffs. Are they too strong and/or not temporary enough? I think it’s a fair question, particularly in the final war of the season when 49% buffs are available on 3 skull islands.

As I believe these % are so High need to be review by @CaptainMorgan.

as they count to odyssey, it woul be interesting if there is a common cap. if so, it would maybe help weaker/newer player to compete.
@philstar posted somewhere here a picture of 80% buffed barricades and we know the unbuffed max health of barricades handed out by flare. together with other buffs maybe it is possible to check if there is a limitation (or captain can provide an answer since this was also part of the last month questions)

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I believe a cap is acceptable to some extent, but we are talking about one year or more time to enhance a tower to 10% or more through odyssey … than you have an island war blessing that is triple the amount with a player possibly just being lucky enough to be on the team when it happens for a single war. Regardless of the time it lasts, wars cycle rather quickly and these enhancement percentages for islands are way too high. To make matters more interesting, notice how most blessings are defensive… making them good for player v player, not so much helpfulness against game content like odyssey…
my main point is the update they pushed is VERY much destroying the strategy of the game and making people more willing to abandon alliances in favor of already established teams. They’ve narrowed the playing field significantly. Look how many alliances have been ghosted in just this last month… it is really crazy


Merging is good though. Fewer, stronger alliances are good for the game.

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Not sure I agree with this, I think more competitive roughly equal strength alliances would be better than just a few super-strength alliances, as we know the enhancements really accumulate for these few teams. I’ll show the bonus here in case it was missed. Some bonuses aren’t as great as some may think, we already needed demolition perk anyway, so this enhancement makes little difference in reality for the players that know what perks to add. As was mentioned before it’s not so much the % that’s given, its the fact that this season many islands have been given and not fought for.

Good thing I didn’t say that, then. I said fewer, stronger alliances not a few super strength alliances. Culling some of the weaker alliances who are barely hanging on is good for the game, not bad like the previous poster said. It makes for more equal strength matchups in war.

Thanks for the feedback on this. As with all new systems we will take this feedback into account and discuss any changes we think need to be made.


An easy tweak might be to double the amount of VP required to get a max boost on any given island. This way, some of the extremely high buffs could only be won if both alliances are actively fighting for it. You couldn’t win an uncontested island and get a full strength boost.

in addition to that, the max. amount seems still to high. but flare will find a balance to that.

remark: as long as there a cartels (and other issues), everything seems to be kind of messed up.
81% for barricades in addition to oddy… and this is just a value that has been shared by 1 player.

edit: at least this isnt something permanent. but: why does the duration of the boosts last into the new season (some of them)? i thought every season there is a fresh start.

edit2: and we still dont know if there is a cap (like on hero and GK). so maybe the 81% are useless because there is a cap of 40% (or maybe also 40% cap for oddy boost and war enhancement together. i hope we get information about this before the next season starts.

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As I said previously, those reaping the benefits of these new percentages are the ones who will not be suggesting change. Demolition is obviously a sought after perk for any hero, but let us be totally honest here, a 80% increase to barriers is absurd (even for demo heroes)! Not every player has demo perks to try and even the playing field. With this being said, there are a few main takeaways:

  1. We can’t see other people’s war enhancements, like we can with odyssey game scores, making matchmaking decisions on map exceptionally difficult to gauge.
  2. The percentages gained from enhancements are TOO HIGH. If you don’t see anything wrong with 80% increases to barriers from a single season, I Don’t know what to tell you.
  3. The war enhancements are dwarfing odyssey…
  4. Killing off alliances because of the system is a fact, some people find this good and others hate it, I can tell you firsthand that people are leaving the game because their alliances are dying off.
  5. The users asked for new game content… nearly a year later we got some new uniques and war system changes. You also nerfed GK LOH and made uniques more difficult to get. I hear a lot of developer changes that the bulk of users never asked for. Can you please take suggestions more seriously and consider new islands, new prestige levels, new heroes, new powers, new monster units, and better matchmaking? The game content is modified rather than new content being added (exception to the new few uniques). I understand development and testing for new game content can be exhausting, but you have some loyal players that have followed this game exclusively for a long long time. @CaptainMorgan

Some of the alliances with the highest war buffs are ones that got destroyed in multiple wars, also, don’t forget. The biggest/best buffs are on 5 skulls. If you’re defending 5 skull islands the great buffs are kind of a consolation prize. You probably came in last.

Tons of players have regular odyssey buffs over 50% at this point. The cap is higher than that.