Good Job


I like the fact that you catch bugs and remove them. I know it comes at cost after so many months. The complaints come from a few hot headed people, so don’t pay much attention. 

I’m personally willing to wait as much time necessary to get a final and polished game. Keep up the hard work and take your time. 

Gate keepers should be the little extra difficulty on defense, and not be the whole defense if you know what I mean. Forging should be a little extra on offense, not be the whole offense. Make these 2 things secondary compared to the main defense and the units. 

If we are to discuss separately each topic then the game won’t work as one body. I’m sure there are players that want forging and guardians as primary offense and defense mechanics, and defense and units secondary but is this the way things should work? 

Give us a nice balanced game with no bugs and this way everyone is happy. It will be easier for you too.