Good Job

Well I was very skeptical about the changes they made with newest update

Guess I was wrong and it appears it’s turning out ok

only issue I have now is not enough enemies to attack ?

I still would like to see a slight reduction in ambrosia costs as it is still very expensive

also please fix the blessing bug and iapetos bug 

other than that it appears game is slowly heading in the right direction - only time will tell 

Others might think differently but good job FG ?

The matchmaking and difficultly, both offense and defense seem to be pretty solid at my level 53. Still can’t come close to beating my own defense but can beat others of albeit similar strength. I just have a good layout. Not losing trophys on defense. Big thumbs up.

I have more opponents than I can hit, they are showing up almost immediately when I clear a few islands. I think because there are more players in my range.

A reduction in ambrosia would be good. maybe they just increase the rate at which you gather ambrosia like they did for gold. 

The blessing bug needs attention 

enemies on lower earning islands start to be lower lvl, easier beath them. ??

but almost all of them just 3 trophies, and hercules with prometheus start to be a bit weaker, and cant fight with them because always losing trophies, traveling between island can be more lower.??

after a day atack on me sometimes geting trophies +, somethimes -. even start to get few gems. ??

feel like game start to be more balanced. but first worker can be twice cheaper ?

I agree, solid improvement in overall gaming experience 

About the heroes…

there is a big deference for the heroes depending to the gear they have… I use to hate Hercules cause he was not so strong for me, but after I win some gold like items from the chests he is my number one heroe… 

I like improvements but only issue I have is I dropped so many trophies before that now everyone is easy even full buffs .  And at 3 trophies an attack it’s takeing for ever to get where I should be. To face people that can challange me

Great job with the last update. You finally did it, game is playable again. 


Blessings bug fixed, yeah ! 


I would like that dev can find a better way for ladder and matchmaking, so boring that all opponents worth 3 pts … , but’you are on the right ways guys !

Dont think update made much dif for me, games still broken without buying gems. No ambrosia because of video chest still failing, heroes cant fight without it, all will be back at base soon since i cant take any islands for more ambrosia because heroes too weak to use, so cant get anymore ambrosia to lvl my heroes to get more ambrosia which i need to lvl my heroes…if it sounds like im talking in circles its because im playing in circles. I could log in twice a day to get a couple of fights, but then id only lose them an be stuck at base. 

 Just watching and waiting to see the kind of mess prestige causes when devs eventually introduce it…

 To those doing well after update, nice one:)