Good News for High Level Inactive Players " Deity Religion" is recruiting

Hi royal revolt 2 warriors… ? I have created the Alliance for high level players who can’t give much time for playing the game… I observed that… as we grow higher, this game becomes no less than a job and we lost the interest in game… But now guys don’t worry… ??

 In my alliance, there is no compulsion of war participation as ally is mainly for players busy in their personal life… Only requirement is regular donation as we need it for keeping boosts and it takes only 1 minute to login and donate … Level 80+ players feel free to join and have fun…       

Alliance name : Deity Religion 

Power Archer boost is 24 ×7. More boosts will be added as we grow higher… 

Boosts will be added as we grow… 


Low level players ( at least around lvl 60) are also welcomed… 

What are you waiting for? 

Do join and have fun with us… ???

We are providing Archer boost 24×7.

Willing to add more boosts as people joins… Hoping to see you in… ?


Very cool.

The real world does get in the way of hard core gaming sometimes, dammit. Your idea for a relaxed temporary place to chill will be met by many busy Kings as summer approaches, im sure! (as all higher LV players are, more or less, Alliance dependent to survive)

Ill be happy to pay you a visit my next Holiday.

Best of luck

You are always welcome huck…  :slight_smile: