Good old Times

In search of some epic party pics I just powerd up my old Xperia and found the 2015-version of RR2 installed. What do you think, should I go for the update?  :stuck_out_tongue:  

Who else is playing the game for a long time? The frist big update I can remember was when Flare introduced the alliance-system. Then, they added Mummy, Ogre, Wolf and Garg - and the Dungeons!

I remember the year 2014, the knights (still i love knight:) ) … and nothing more)) my wife liked how I played and she also started))

yet I did not attack the base who had firebolt towers xD

I’ve said this before but…

I want that splash screen back :stuck_out_tongue:

Good old times. Yep I miss year 90’s :stuck_out_tongue:

First 1-2 years of this game were the best, good times :slight_smile:

The unlimited raids too?)

its fun to see now how are hard for many to do 6 raids)

Unlimited raids had their charm as well, hated them back then but now they bring only good memories :slight_smile:

And then I came xD


I lost almost 3 years.