Good tower/unit combinations

I’ve found recently a good troop/tower combination, and I want to know if there’s more. Here’s the one I’ve found:

///Firebolt + Ogres, on a high-overlap path\\

The benefit I’ve found to having Firebolts, is that Arblasters cannot attack them from an overlap. Firebolts pick them off one-by-one until the Hero takes them down. Same with Cannons, I believe.

The Ogres, then, serve two purposes. First of all, more Firebolts = less Skull Towers, which means less AoE damage to punish smaller units. Ogres, then, provide that AoE damage which the Firebolts lack. Not only that, but they force the attacker to use Arblasters, which the Firebolts are strong against.

I tested this with three Lv.5 Firebolts and a constant stream of Lv.5 Frost Blasters, and I found that these 3 Firebolts could handle a constant stream of Lv.5 Frost Blasters.

I’m also playing at a 3.5k trophy level. My leadership is about 6,500. I don’t know how this strategy works at higher levels, which is why I’d love to get feedback and other strategies (:

Interesting idea, might be worth a try under certain circumstances…


At higher levels, though, a max skull tower can withstand a lot of damage while dealing out tons and tons of area damage that can kill a whole raiding party if you don’t support with your hero, making them in most situations superior to firebolts.

Firebolt towers might be able to kill frost arblasters, but if the attacker uses shield/heal, they are becoming useless as they deal more slow over time damage. Or if the attacker just uses scream boost and a little more leadership to create more compact packs of arblasters, they will take less damage and heal up each other, meaning the firebolts aren’t effective anymore. Or the attacker could just mix in other troop types. 


You argue ogres on defense demand for boosted arblasters on offense? I say “no” to that. Sure, those are effective against ogres, but so are for example boosted archers. You can spam a ton of those and they deal a ton of damage. Another thing is the attacker could just use tankier units to make your ogres’ area damage meaningless (fewer units = fewer area damage dealt out).

Also, swordrain is effective against ogres.

And with lots of path overlap for your firebolts, your ogres most likely will never even reach my troops before being killed.