Goodbye and Good Luck!

A brief note to say goodbye and good luck to all those I’ve met and chatted with about Royal Revolt 2 over the last 1+ years!  I’ve decided for a variety of reasons to vacate my position as (Co-) Leader of SK: United Realms and stop playing Royal Revolt 2 entirely.  My account and king will live on, but under the command of a young boy who’s really looking forward to playing it. :grinning:


Thanks to all of you who I’ve allied with in the past to push for positive changes in Royal Revolt 2: we had some hard-fought but rewarding victories!  For those of you who are still here, you remain a credit to the game. 


Thanks to my allies (in Apocalypse, Roaring Lions, NATO and SK-affiliated alliances): it’s been an honor fighting alongside most of you.


Thanks to my opponents (except the cheaters, of course): it’s been occasionally intense but overall a lot of fun crossing swords with you on the battlefield!  To those who advocate fair play and have chosen the path of good sportsmanship, it has been an honor.  


To Jona (who I’m sure still checks in here on occasion): thanks for all your handwork, tolerating lots of needless abuse from players on their behalf and for working hard to partner with me in the past on making RR2 a better game.  


And to Flare: I hope RR2 was a good learning experience for you!  Though it’s been one bumpy ride, thank you for developing and publishing what, at it’s core (no matter how buried that’s gotten at times), is a fantastic game.  



Goodbye friend !

 Good bye and good luck whatever you are going to do. To bad another good player is going out. Don’t blame you mate. But this is another weak up call for Flare or else more players are going to fallow your exit me included. Will wait for a bit and see what Flare is going to do about Revenant open letter.

Sn1kt if you’re looking for a diff game to play, you can find me at the sky arena :slight_smile:

Goodbye my good friend, Mr. Detective … Hehehe :slight_smile:

Ohh I hate to see you go SN1kt… :slightly_frowning_face:

You are one of the best player in the world.

Best of everything, good luck and good bye

Good bye Sn1kt and yea I feel ya the game is going down hill


Have a great life Sn1kt ! Now breathe the brain out of rr2 !

See ya !

goodbye friend. though you do not know me :slight_smile:

Good bye good friend, thx for your amazing videos!!

Thx for opening sk group 1+ year ago :slight_smile:

Hope flare will wake up soon with those crap update of vouchers and make the game fun like it was at the start…

Sad to see such a remarkable king of the game to leave. 


Thanks for everything that you have done. Your YouTube videos had gave me an insight to the game during the early stages of my gameplay. Unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to cross-swords as I’m a mid-range player. Good luck in your future adventures!

Can I have your account sn1kt :stuck_out_tongue:

Sad to see you go…  :slightly_frowning_face:


Hi Avery! doing good. been playing and still playing SW :slight_smile:


how are you doing? been a while since i last chatted with you on FB

It is sad to see you go, bro. Your videos have explained so many things Flaregames refused to disclose. Your videos help me run two alliances, and myself up the chain by explaining what this game was actually about. I see your posts asking for help but no replies. It is a sad day to see you go.


I will be following you out as well. Will give my alliances to a trusted general. I have been here in the forums creating what I thought would be a no brainier for Flaregames. The suggestions and complaints from all over the forums compiled into a list ( After all my hard work and hours of time spent (as I am sure you know more of that pain than me), Flaregames supported none of the ideas. This game has taken a turn for the worst.


Good luck to you sk1nt and hope you find a solid game. I am looking for one now, too.

Why did you change your email address to someone else’s? That was not very smart.


To anyone interested: The email address associated with this account is now Do with that information what you will.

I think It will be hard to let go completely I’m sure you’ll check in to see what new content they bring. It was good watching your fights/video from a far although I never made it to the top 100 to be a part of :slightly_frowning_face:


Cmon flare breathe life into your game. pronto

Hi Sn1kt,


Thank you for your enormous contribution to this game.

You have built the strongest clan ever, a real empire, and this is something to be proud of.


A moment before you “vanish forever”…

The Genie and Master alliance offers a leisure resort for all the ex-leaders who have become tired and want to play easy and casual, just for fun.

No stress. No need to be 100% of your time online. Nice and friendly environment on the chat.

Our leader, Dena4, is the “biggest heart” person I’ve ever met. We value people and friendship before any game.

You are invited to visit, then you can make up your mind. :slight_smile: