Goodbye Pro League

I’ll miss you. :cry:

I sure hope the new option for pro-gear doesn’t make me stuck behind a RNG. Pro League was awesome not just because it was fun, but because I could save up the currency and then pick what I wanted when I wanted it.

PLEASE don’t make me pray to RNG gods for the items I want.

Pro-League has been a nice way to see how good I actually am atm. Forget about the Krystals in the first palce.
Of course we all wanted the chest’s and the krystals. I somehow feel bad, I couldn’t get a hand on Nemesis yet since I dont play for that long to get the 150k Krystals and ofc there have been things I bought for other reasons, like Phoebe.

I rly like to know how we now should get hand on Nemesis? So many high player use Nemesis and if we can’t buy it after offering the time for the pro events, how should we catch up to the Pro’s?? Is this actually the time to admit that we can’t get on their level in future?

I hope Flare replys to that in a fair way, this seems to be a huge disadvantage for newer players and aswell not that fair… @MishaK

I agree. The nice thing about a currency is that you can save and spend how you want. If you wanted to save for a Nemesis, you could. If you wanted to buy Phoebe pets to donate for your alliance, you could. If you needed an upgrade as you leveled, you could buy it.

The flexibility of a currency … the certainty that if you saved up, you got the item you wanted. That seems poised to go away. Without a new currency and the promise only that “…we continue to offer them as rewards from Events, Season or in Bundles,” suggests that they will be random.

  • Events will randomly reward stuff. Not what you wanted? Keep waiting.
  • Bundles are also random or triggered by behaviors like hitting a certain level or having a certain gem balance. Not what you wanted? Keep waiting.
  • Seasons are an unknown. Perhaps they will offer a more consistent reward … if you wait for the season that awards your desired item.

The theme would seem to be … flexibility is going away in favor of a RNG approach. I really hope that doesn’t happen.

As for catching up to top levels in the game, I agree that there is a gap. But there should be. People that have been consistently playing (and paying) shouldn’t be worried that a new player can just drop $99 and compete with them. However, the other end of that stick is that top players shouldn’t remain so just because the rules or payouts changed making it slower for people that come after.

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I need 60 thousand pro crystals to get nemesis and with this I will do to get them

A mi me faltan 60 mil cristales pro para obtener a nemesis y con esto como hare para conseguirlos

You would think that this being one of the final PLs that it would at least be doable - but no, it’s super difficult so as to not even give players who have been saving up crystals for months a chance to buy nemesis!
Hope the final PLs are easier as this is short notice and unfair.
Talk about adding insult to injury!

It doesn’t matter if the league is hard or easy. If it’s easy, then everyone’s score will be very high too and your rank will still be similar to your skills. Only thing you can do is try your best and get as high rank as possible if you need the crystals urgently.

It’s not about the rank it’s about getting enough crystals to buy nemesis. I have been saving for weeks to get it and now suddenly only 2 PLs left and this current one I scored only enough for one chest.
Not fair

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Don’t forget there is a conquest coming in 10 days to help if you’re close, and whatever you can potentially get from pro war chests. War might be tricky as is with how it’s often played, you might have to champ a good bit and be attacked/or attack a lot. Shop closes the 30th, but might be enough with some planning.

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And you need luck, since a pro chest may just give you a pro item instead of crystals. I’ve seen bundles that have included pro pets recently … not Phoebe or Nemesis, but those are probably next if they take down the PL store.

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