Goodbye RR2!

Hello Guys… yesterday I hv left the game. Nothing left for me to do in RR2. I hv achieved everything. Now it’s time to say final goodbye to all RR players out there. Have fun!!!

(ign- AbhaySingh007)

Goodbye mate… have fun where u r

nothing surprise me to see topic like this. Sadly will happen again and again. I know it 4.0 take too much long to be release. Player are tired to wait. Nothing to do

Good luck in your life and all :slight_smile: happy to have you in RR2 take care of you

Sadly you will have not try 4.0 before leave :slightly_frowning_face:

I noticed you haven’t maxed your AT. Still, if you have no interest in RR2 anymore then your choice to leave is good, there’s a lot more important things you can do outside this game. Good luck! ?


Sorry to hear you leaving. I hope you’ll come back to us in the future.

However, please bear in mind that account sharing is against our Terms of Services. This is not something to be discussed on the forum and if caught, your account could end up being banned.

Many thanks,


Hey Gala, Thank you for your quick action and deleting my post but I did it deliberately as I am aware that account sharing is not allowed in the game.

Now my question is that I have seen many players doing the same so just want to know what is Flare going to do about them for example you can see the current top score of Diamond League…

Waiting for your quick reply on this message as well.

I hv seen you in many places…you always keep begging for accounts from everyone.Why you don’t make a new one and plays on it. My account is still mine and I better get less active without giving it to anyone. Maybe I should wait for 4.0 and see how it goes.

Hey Mack, you have joined the forum in June 2018 and you are telling me that you have seen me asking for account… You are just a new born baby here so dont try to be a something because you are not.


I dont need any account and read my post again (only if you are literate enough).


Further, also share those posts where you find me asking for accounts and if you cant share them just keep mum and be your mummas boy…

Hey you little kid…I am talking about outside the forums…you always keep begging on Facebook.

Hey Gummy Bear if you can share even a single post then share the screen shot and if you can not then go back your mumma is calling you back…


If you can not share then stop barking like mad dog… show the proof and then talk.

U came to me and asking for it.Thats why your comment got deleted…idiot!!!

Hey baby stop crying now… please share the screen shot where you find me asking for account. and if you cant then stop barking you mad dog…

@GalaMorganesee his language.

@GalaMorgane hey gala please see his language as well. He called me Idiot and dog as well… is this kind of foul language ok to you…


further, he is also falsely taking my name without any proof whatsoever that I am asking for Accounts on Facebook… what is Flares Policy on his kind of culprits who tries to put finger on a loyal player without any proof whatsoever…


Your quick action here is solicited…

Ok - Stop please. We are not in Kindergarden here. Quit acting like children or I´ll just lock the thread.



@GalaMorgane dear gala well noted and I am not going to post anymore on this thread, however, he is taking my name for without any proof which is not at all acceptable to me, therefore, you are requested to look into the matter and take necessary action against him…

@GalaMorganelock this thread please otherwise he keep commenting.

Why lock just show the proof here and prove that I was asking for accounts on FB. if you cant then accept that you are doing it for cheap publicity…


@GalaMorgane Gala if he will prove that I was asking for the account on FB then I give you my words, I will left this game and forget that I spent so much time and money on this game.

Ok - You keep acting like children so I´m locking this thread.