I never thought id be making this post…the title says it all…

It has been a long journey for me since i have been playing for more than an entire year, i repeat…a year . But there is a time to quit and this is my time. I know all you care about this post, not because your sad of me leaving…you guys are happy… i know this because i have been such a niucance to you all and from the bottom of my heart i apologize for that, and im sure you feel like punching me in the face for that and for my horrible grammer.

Given the fact that i am an ignorant kid that is worth nothing at all and tolerated everything you all have said to me such as “jumper!” Which hurted my feelings so much…it kind of felt like the bullying was irl and in game where i go to RR2 to cope through the bullying ive suffered through and never thought it would be everywhere…wow what has the world become.

All in all this is the post of me explaining the impact the game and its community has given me.

@Every alliance ive joined: thank you for all the hospitality and kindness you all have showed me.

@Everyone reading: thank you for all the lectures, hate and everything you all have told me vecause it has made me stronger, what doesnt kill you makes you stronger am i right?

@Blookiebloo: you have been such an amazing friend, remember the days when i joined? Those were the good days, make sure you tell people that knew me i said goodbye(especially to the one and only goku, hope you actually read this lol)

@Huns: I reach this post out to you because you were my favorite alliance ever, you guys are family and i will never forget you guys and all the good times we’ve had

Now its time for me to give shoutouts to the people that won my nicies,friendlies,and coolies(these are the people that were the nicest, friendliest and coolest to me, but only 2 each, way too many people)

The nicest ones ive ever talked to and/or read is Blookiebloo and azrael

The friendliest 2 ive ever talked to have been Aether and the almighty budakalasz

Lastly the coolest guys are budakalasz(the one that wins the generousies for all of his outstanding generosity) and Goku ssj2 a very cool guy in the huns alliance too that has been a bro to me since we’ve met

These are the people that…well…acted most likely as atcual human beings.

And so, I say…goodbye

Well, i don’t really know you but even if you have had bad memories and made a few mistakes, don’t forget them, remember them because you will learn from them.

Goodbye and good luck.

Silver, no! )= We were going to form an alliance together someday!! )=

Another goodbye message :slightly_frowning_face:

Makes me wonder when i will quit too

nice game  and my alliance is good (foundry)  but sorry i quit… :slightly_frowning_face:

Goodbye Atlas  :slightly_frowning_face:

Atlas take care of yourself, you are always a welcome guest in our alliance. Yes, you jumped often, but never forget that you also contributed in making the game more fun.


Let me give you one last advice, learn from the mistakes in your past, that way you will get a lot of experience. Goodbye young fellow, make the best out of your life.

Hey Atlas :slight_smile:


it is sad seeing you leaving, I hope your real life will be good, good luck with your studies!

I know life is hard when you get bullied at school/highschool or uni, but afterwards, you will see it helps you a lot in your work. Bad time to go through, but once you are done with it and you get good friends, it will be much better :grinning:


You are still young, and everyone can make mistakes. I don’t know what happened to you/between you and other people, but I never had troubles with you the few times we talked. 

Stick to who you are, don’t make other people change you to someone you are not. Though, criticism and reviews can help you growing in a good way, you are the one who decides who you should listen to or not, but people who actually cares about you may help you :slight_smile:

Don’t give up on them!


Hope we will see you around from time to time! :slight_smile:

im willing to come back when we do decide to do that, but till then ill stay off the radar

And thank you all for the generous words



If for some reason this is the last thing I ever say to you (it won’t be, I’m sure :slight_smile:


You are going to do well in this life. You have the power inside you to be a great and kind person who leads people to be the best the person they can be. You might be awkward now, but who cares? Young men change and mature all the time. We all have. Just keep yourself pointed in the right direction.


One day you’ll use your sociability to bolster others and make warm environments for new friends. One day you’ll make your future family and social circles laugh with your humor. One day you may even change society with your sense of justice. You have these gifts. But these gifts are like a great battle axe: useless and dangerous if you don’t know how to wield it; profoundly powerful if you do.


You easily have the wit, charm, and humor that will carry you through all of life’s troubles. And that’s 90% of the battle, friend–having a great sense of humor about yourself and others.


All a young man like you needs is time --time to reflect on your ups and downs, time to reflect on who you really can be, and time to work it all out once you know who you are called to be. 


How do I know this? Easy: Because I was perceived as others perceived you when I was young, too. And yet I can say that my life is full of joy and love and goodness all my days now (having an amazing spouse helps a lot, too, so try to find one of those if you can along the way :grinning:


God bless, my friend. The world is a crazy place, and you will add to its craziness like I did, but I believe in you, Atlas. I see too much goodness in you to think otherwise. Just know that your dear friend time is on your side.


Yeah, some of this sounds cheesy. Deal with it. :slight_smile:


Blookie/Adju :wink:


PS. To everyone else out there, I’ll give Atlas a month and then he’ll be back. :stuck_out_tongue:

PPS. But I promise he’ll be back better than ever! Wacky and ridiculous, but a better version of wacky and ridiculous!

Hi Atlas (or should I say Silver?),


First, I am really sorry to read those letters of saying good bye - I think we had a lot of fun together and talked a lot about game and real life as well.

Second, you are a crazy but great man, so do not forget what I always told you: ‘Patience’. :slight_smile:

Third, I hope we can still reach you via mail or via this forum just to know where you go.

Forth - and that is the main important thing - you can focus on things in your real life and learn what you want and be what you want.


If you would like to contact me, just write to and I will answer you (okay, maybe not within an hour or a day, but I will do :-).


And connected to Blooki’s post: I give you a month too for a big coming back. :slight_smile:


Good luck to you and find your way.

Go Atlas!

Oh, and one more thing: thank you for the warm words about us (HUNS) and me (Budakalasz).

now are you gonna say im always welcome to visit ;D

If anyone has actually said that to you, that is a shame, but I doubt that’s really how poorly you have been treated on a regular basis.

You have abandoned our alliance in the middle of a war, and told us all “Fω℃k you” … but you’re right, it’s all about poor, poor, you. This is not the first time you have aggressively deflected reactions to your own behavior, and that attitude is divissive and polarizing. Personally, I hope you mature and grow beyond that frame of mind, because it seems like you are torturing yourself.

I wish you peace of mind, and a prosperous future.

You were the only one I wished not to post on this…just bringing negativity

You’re right, I’m bringing all the negativity to your “everyone hates me, bullies me, and wants to punch me in the face so I quit” guilt trip of a thread.


Rude much