Goruc feedback (Royal Guardians)

Thoughts? Discussion about his abilities? Let’s collect it in this thread here :slight_smile:

I like Goruc, but, like Sultan, he’s really slow, and so is his countdown. I understand that it takes a while for him to come back around because he’s an Epic Rarity, but he doesn’t seem worth it. I already suggested a minor fix for him in the suggestions forum, where he can eat troops over the path. I think that’d help out this Guardian and have him live up to his rarity

Hey there AK,

If he could eat troops over the path, we believe Goruc would be too strong. We have intentional not done that. Also, look at him, … we don’t want him to explode (again) :grinning:

I find Goruc really slow!

Just make cooldown rather atleast initial cooldown faster. And not just in Goruc but for every Guardian. Atleast initial cooldown must be faster.

Make his duratuon atleast for 9s.

And Secondly, he is really really very slow  so please Increase its movement speed flare. Ghosh !

Too slow, ability too limited , cd was too long. My king can just use sonic blast or blade storm and move toward with normal speed is much more affective than using this guardian skill at all , only better use is he tank some dmg for the king but he would be in that almost same spot when cd end so not very helpful tho. 

Most useless guardian. Ability is to weak, cooldown to high, speed ways to slow.

you can add he is ugly, not interesting and the rarerity make him useless because many will have itat level 1 or 2 for a long time

I agree, I think one major thing to be changed other than ability changes, would be to bump Goruc down to just a “Rare” (Blue) rarity. Even if he gets a buff, he won’t be good enough to stay at Purple

Heyyyy, that poor guy has feelings as well!

True well true my bad. Srooy Goruc :slightly_frowning_face:

You can blame him. He`s to slow to catch you if you run from him.

i agree with  @ShadowsGuardian opinion -> gorucs-special-ability-is-unusable

goruc is so slow and the special ability makes it more slow and stops short time the hero on it …

i use now Level 3 goruc and its not comparable the other guardians, only a weak help in  the battle.


I’ll post here what I’ve written on the other thread, since it was locked…



Here I was, testing out Goruc to take some notes to put on the wikia, when I bumped against a big wall.

When using the “W” special ability called “Devour Morale”, Goruc stands still for about 2-3 seconds trying to gobble up the wave in the nearby area.

This makes using this guardian really hard or not practical at all, because the hero loses a few seconds just throwing fireballs aimlessly… instead of being able to move freely.

Gameplay test videos:





Its special ability seems to be bugged, or if not… Then it needs to be rethought, or readjusted.

My suggestions:

  1. He should be able to keep moving, even while eating the wave. He’s already one of the slowest guardians, so if he stands still wasting time… its even worse.
  2. When he starts casting the special ability, it shouldn’t take several seconds to eat a wave. It should be instant or an almost instant ability. This would probably solve the issue.

Input from other players is also appreciated, cheers.

He drag every opponent’s unit in his range, but he can’t devour all.

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Not eating troops over the path, and the way it gets stuck on the place when the ability is used feels really really bad during the gameplay

And the numbers on Goruc are weird :neutral_face:

Max waves have 46 morale points, and lvl3 Goruc devours 62 morale x2, but not over the path :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
And Waves have 15 seconds cooldown, but Goruc only lasts in battle for 9 seconds

We have 9 seconds to meet waves that are ~15 seconds apart, with a very slow Guardian that gets stuck when we use the ability for the first time and have to wait a ~2 seconds (?) cooldown to use the ability a second time


Still the most useless pal.

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who uses goruc? is there anyone who uses goruc? if not, this discussion is closed… buff/nerf goruc, i don’t think i’ll still use it…

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