Goruc - planned balancing change

?Kings and Queens,

We are planning the following Goruc changes:

  • increased ability attack rate (The ability can be used twice per activation instead of once)
  • increased duration from 7 to 9 secs per activation
  • decreased ability (devour) duration from 2 to 1.4 sec to match animation and vfx

Let us know, what your thoughts are. :slight_smile:

Royal regards,


All those changes seem good.

There is still one crucial thing that is missing: Goruc can’t devour troops on the adjacent lane.

This is a severe limitation to Goruc’s ability and one that is not needed.

Set him free. Let Goruc devour any troops inside the range.

Thanks Madlen … we will report if goruc will be more useful with this changes

If we would set him free, he would eat and eat and eat and POFF - explode! Sorry, he would be essentially too powerful if he could do that. And also it would be quite painful for him. :grinning:

image.png thats too much :grinning:

This is good. Gorsuch definitely needed a change. I still like @LacunaC’a idea about having the guardian, when he dies in battle l, be unable to be used again until the next battle. More special attributes would go to guardians like goruc that aren’t used enough. He could get a life drain ability from eating troops

Anyway, I’m just glad to see that goruc is getting a change

Erm, what about the one thing that everyone have agreed on, it’s freaking slow ?