gragoyle tower or snake tower?

Which is best?

gargoyle tower has the boost and in the top ten they have gargoyle tower and not snake tower, but i’ve seen a video of flothaboss “the best tower” n in that he sais that gargoyle tower i the worst tower and snake tower is cheaper to up to max and it’s more dangerous. Please help i don’t want to up the wrong tower.

Hola EROE, que tal? yo te comento, porque esa misma pregunta la escribí yo ayer martes, a mi me dijeron que la torre o digamos, las 2 torres mejores o mas rentables, son:



LA TORRE RELÁMPAGO de momento no es muy buena, al menos que no este impulsada y este en el nivel 3 para que cause mas daño y sea mas eficaz contra los caballeros principalmente.

Pero de momento las 2 que te dicho son las 2 torres mas eficaces en el juego. quizás LA TORRE DE FLECHAS ÍGNEAS es idónea a nivel 3 o superior impulsada, pero a mi como bien me han dicho, no es recomendable, y solo e creado 3 torres a nivel 3, y me centrare en la LA TORRE SERPIENTE Y TORRE CALAVERA.

Espero a verte ayudado o aportado algo a tu pregunta.

Un saludo y nos vemos.

Garg towers are only good when boosted and that’s the fact, unboosted doesn’t do enough demage on both low and high level. Boosted is realy good, everyone is using it if they win it in a war.

Snakes towers don’t have a boost but are good in my opinion. You won’t see many of them at the top bases but top players do use them, one, two, three maybe, if its placed right and combined with another towers it can be deadly as well.


So it is really up to you. I would suggest to have one or two high level snake tower but at certain point you will have to build and upgrade many garg towers and use them when are boosted - in this case you need quite a lot of them.


However, as snakes are not that essential but it is good to have one, two or three just in case, as garg towers will be only useful when you win them at war (and if your alliance is not able to prolong them you will have it for free only for a couple of days each month) I would suggest you to focus on skull towers which are the most essential tower through your whole gaming experience, you will want to have many of them.

If the question is: which is best between gargoyle and snake i answer you asking a question as well. Which is your king level and your alliance level? Cause these are two important factors for a boosted tower. I checked your IGN. You’re level 63 and you don’t have an alliance. So if this is the case focus on upgrading snake towers. Cause they are cheap and useful as well. When you’ll join a strong alliance in future you might focus on gargoyle towers. Gargoyle towers are very useful but only boosted. Hope i’ve helped you.

i’m not eroe piú forte it wa my IGN before i lose my account now i’m Elichiro Oda.

i tried to have my account again but i don’t had it.

and with eroe piú forte i was in Italian King.

about snake or gargoyle i want to know which i have to use and it was a topic in my alliance. And some of the members sais that garg is better but flothaboss sais that snake was better and i wanted to know.

Gargoyle is better if it’s boosted, else you should use Snake.

I prefer snake tower because in my opinion they cause more damage to the raider than gargoyle towers. Even with the boosted gargoyle towers, I feel they are easy to destroy and cause very minimal damage to the raiders.


just my personal opinion, the Snake is more effective vs the King, and Boosted Gargoyle is better vs troops.

and the garg tower is useless against blizzard

Even skull tower is useless against blizzard,even firebolt against blunt and fire damage,even lightning against bladestorm,blunt and fire damage,even snake against normal and blunt damage,even bomb against blunt damage…so what are we talking about? Every tower has its own weakness. Gargoyle are not useless if top alliances use them. Don’t you think? Or they would not use them. The fact is that the gargoyle tower is useless if not boosted while snake tower has always its own usefulness. 

check me IGN: GOKUL KINGDOM and upgrade it ur way…

i prefer u gargoyle n skull with lightning towers…

gargo will help while in boost. Snake forget it

ya you are right

so snake towers are better than non boosted gargoyle towers

Of course. In the meanwhile you can build gargoyle towers and try its strenght when you’ll win the war with gargoyle nest as reward. Remember that since gargoyle nest is a war boost you can use it for a limited period.