Grandma's (Unholy) Wedding cancelled?

Does anyone up there know what happened with the wedding of the year?


Granny was supposed to get married with one of our beloved beasts but now what???

Was the wedding cancelled? Did granny decided that buffy paladin is a much better looking husband and run away with him? Maybe the priest told that he first had to exorcise ogre before letting him get married? So many questions that need to be answered.


Jokes aside, I would really lie to know what happened with the so called update that could fix the consistent problems with the randomness in granny’s offers. I have lots of gems that I’m refusing to spend (or rather waste) on minuscule weapon upgrades or in gold weapons that their boosts are no longer relevant to me.

I thought it only to be a cutesy publicity thing or interesting thing for players, I didn’t realize it was mainly for updating her Item variance which would be great as I keep getting the same stuff over and over again that is of no use to me or are mainly gem based items.  It’d have to be in another game update and not server maintenance which could be any time.

Granny’s marriage was an april fool’s joke I guess, nothing serious. :wink:

Nonetheless, a reworking of her offer system might be good.