Granny and item levels (question for 105+ players)

Im level 101 now and when granny does the special single item offer it shows as 120 since I hit 101.


During crazy granny event I can see legendary items as low as 116. So what im wonder if is the minimum item level you see in granny store goes higher past level 101. So since I can see 116 items does that mean that a level 105 or higher level player only sees level 120 items in the store always?

No no they still saw lower gears, its a random granny shop once you hit level 100

I have same issues granny has been of no use as far as upgrading weaponry especially since pearl meltdown

Second paramether is still random. So search for better gear continues.


(for ring-belt-boots second paramether is the only one)

I m only 95 but the this crazy granny is of no use.

Haven’t seen a sinlge usable item even after rerolls!

Incidently, she brings me a lot of crowns with fire nd poison shields!

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Why protection on crown? You kill all enemies yourself screaming Banzai? :slight_smile:


Just now she went one step ahead nd offered me a crown with normal damage shield! I think she has gone mental!